Waiting In The Wings

Friday, November 30, 2018

Ready for the borders

Memory Quilt One is going to have
the borders sewn on, hopefully tomorrow
and then off to be quilted.

Remember this piece below from my earlier post?

Catastrophe - three strips sewn together, up on the design wall I see
that the centre section of the three had some of the strips bowing,
major unpick and no more of Aboriginal Dots fabric in Teal!
Off to the store - none of this particular
colour on the shelf so waiting to see if we can get a hold
of some early next week. Also we discovered that it is officially listed
as Charcoal.

Whilst I'm waiting I'm busy gathering
the fabrics together to make a quilt from the latest
KF book - Quilts in America.


This of course was based on a stone wall in the States, coming
from  the UK the dry stone walls there are quite different depending
on which county they're in. I'm from Lancashire and the colours there
are different to Derbyshire for example, so my quilt will
 certainly not have as much blue as the one
in the photo above. 

I will also be going with a different fabric for the sashing rather than
the one above.
Gathered as of today are a few below.
Most I have in my stash but some I had to buy in.

I like that KF suggests only making one block at a time rather
than thinking to cut all those HSTs at once, time to check
if I have the correct size die for my cutter!!

In the garden I love my day lilies, this one is a very prolific bloomer,
just a touch of lime green in the very centre.

All for now, happy quilting!


audrey said...

Memory Quilt is looking amazing! And I love the new quilt in the works. Lots of hsts for sure. Good idea to make one block at a time!

Julierose said...

Memory Quilt is so lovely--I love "bar type" quilts or row quilts as they are sometimes called. As for the bowing--you really unpicked it all? You are certainly picky lol--;)))
Your flower is lovely--we are all in the gray-taupe look here outside...hugs, Julierose

Debbie said...

Love the memory quilt and am glad it is nearing the quilting stage. The new project is amazing, but more than enough triangles to play with.

Linda said...

Sorry you had to do all that unpicking, sounds a big job. Love your KF fabrics, all luscious especially the ones with the fan design. Pretty daylilies.

Louise said...

Glad to hear your Memory quilt is coming down to the final lap! Whose lap will it end up in? Are you keeping it? Stonewall has a double meaning for Kaffe, I'm sure. It's a lovely design, and very smart to make one block at time. 36 HSTs in one go seems like plenty :)

gayle said...

I can always count on you for a big burst of happy color! Your quilts, your fabrics, and your flowers all bring a smile!

Ann said...

I like how the Memory quilt and the Coins quilt are the same colors but the memory fabrics are slightly hazier. It certainly matches my memories over time. A lovely interpretation. So clever.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your memory quilt! Stonewall is my favorite from the book too but I haven't decided on colors yet.

Quiltdivajulie said...

SO much gorgeous color today --- hoping your missing fabric arrives soon!

Janie said...

Great progress, Maureen. I left a comment yesterday, but it didn't take, so here goes again.
I'm enjoying 'Quilts in America' too, inspiring photos and quilts galore.
I hope your 'charcoal' comes in soon. It's good that the quilt store was willing to help, that's the best kind of
customer service.

Kaja said...

I agree with Ann about the way the colours work in Memory Quilt and your Scrap Vortex/Chinese Coins top - both are very lovely. I'm also excited to see ho you get on with this new project and look forward to seeing the colours of Lancashire emerging.

Julie said...

All those triangles - you are brave or mad. I'm still waiting for Quilts in America from the library. Happy sewing.

Sally Trude said...

The Memory Quilt is lovely...and your display of Kaffe fabrics is beautiful...and dangerous...I can easily be tipped into a fabric spending spree.