Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A little progress

All I really have to show from the past 12 days
are a few more blocks for Wintersweet.

Before I load the blocks I realised that
 I never posted anything from our
grand-daughter's wedding in January, here's an informal photo from the 
reception,  Beatrice minus her beautiful long veil,
waving to me - not saying no to a photo!

I'll try and post one next time showing a full photo of her dress,
made by her mum, our daughter. The panel on the front was glorious.
If you double click the photo will enlarge.

Here are the blocks

I'm aiming for the fabrics to blend together in some blocks
and one fabric to stand out in the remainder, still quite
a few to go and then onto the 9 patch blocks.

The one below won't be making it into the quilt

you can see why, it's so different from the others.
It can go into my parts box. This is what happens when taking a
lucky dip into the fabrics.

Fabric sorting and tidying is down for one day this week, I still have
my last order of KF Collectives to stash away. Room is needed for 
yardage of the new Anna Maria Horner new fabric range - Hindsight -
the four echinacea colour ways are stunning.

On the subject of colour the
hibiscus are still flowering for us and we've been lucky enough
to have some rain, at last.

Signing off with Leila

'til next time 
"be brave, be strong, be steadfast"
and stay home.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

First week of lock-down and a dray of squirrels

Not content with the first squirrel 
Hannah's Garden
another one has appeared on the scene and I suspect
I shall soon be dealing with a dray of squirrels!

The latest addition is this

a pattern by Frankie and Ray.
It's been long on my list of 'want to make' quilts.
I had a pretty big box of scraps needing to be sorted into colour
families, I began by sorting them into warm and cool

then decided to go with a lucky dip approach to choosing the fabrics.
for the churn dash blocks 
by closing my eyes and dipping once into each pile
and working with the two fabrics which came out, no fiddling trying to 
find a better match etc.

So just five right now

I did just manage to fussy cut this centre piece

I think I got lucky because I'm really pleased with these.

I have four more patterns lined up to use more from my
many boxes of scraps during the weeks of lock down.
Working on one quilt each day is my plan.
I now have, or will have, a dray of squirrels. Some folks say a scurry
of squirrels but a scurry refers to a gathering and as they're fiercely territorial
this is a very rare happening, a dray consists of a
mother squirrel and her young. I'm going with a dray!

Sadly we all know about lock down, social distancing, staying home
going out only to the supermarket for groceries, pharmacy or medical appointments.
We can go for a walk around the block, ride the bike but really nothing
else, no visiting family or friends. I think we're all feeling
the strain and worry of these times.

However we did have a visitor join us at breakfast yesterday

munching on the long seed pods.

Today I found another little visitor

who then headed from the rose into the porch and eventually
into the house!

Got to head back to the dining table now - apple pie with cream - my favourite,
leaving you with the sunset from two days ago.

Keep safe, keep well and keep quilting!
See you all soon.