Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ad Hoc Improv Quilters #29

Time to see what's happening with progress on my
Chinese Coins which was one of the invitationals
with Ad Hoc Improv Quilters last year.

This was going to be posted as a finished quilt but a fight four days ago
with a sewing machine needle threw a spanner in the works!

I'm quilting this very simply a 1/4" inside the seam lines.
Not good lighting in this photo below I'm afraid.

The quilting is clearer in this photo.

 I'm using Aurifil 40 weight thread, green, yellow and red.

For the backing I used my last piece of Lake Blossom in this rich colourway from
Kaffe Fassett

which means I can give myself permission to order more!!

I'm not writing about the Kaffe Fassett lecture in this post
but will do so in my next one.

Do go and visit
Kaja and Ann
who jointly host AHIQ
for all the information on the new invitational,
I'm off to link up now.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Friday - Kaffe Lecture - good, Saturday - not as good, today - bad!

I can't write about the lecture as I had told many bloggers I would, you
will see why in a moment, I am trying to type with neither hand in a good way.
Two or three days I will post, but
the lecture absolutely fantastic! See b elow

kaffe and my favourite fabric

exchanging a few words with Kaffe as he signs my book.

Saturday - flare up of my De Quervain's tendonitis every movement of thumb or wrist causes excrutiating pain now splinted up

but today (Sunday) was a doozy
trying to do a little quilting on Chinese Coins - big mistake!!

needle straight through fingernail and out the other side and brokem
off just below needle shank.

Emergency care visit 2 hours with cutting off  of quilting glove

the bit  withthe needle through was cut into tiny pieces because they had
to xray as they thought it had gone through the bone.

So, mikssed bone by a hair breadth and kindly pulled out by doctor
with surgical pliers and with great pain for me!! Much, much worse than the
needle goin g in!

Padded up and of course the necessary tetanus jab.You are, by now
b ored to tears no doubt so I shall say adieu b ut I shall be back with thoughts on lecture
on Tuesday - I hope!!!! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Something Old, Something New and a Teapot flimsy

Let's start with the teapots.
Now a finished flimsy and I went with 1/2" inner border
in Kaffe Fassett Aboriginal Dot
then 4 and 1/2"border in Philip Jacobs Market Basket.
Measuring 42 and 1/2" x 68 and 1/2" and the
Market Basket fabric is more colourful that
this photo is showing, I'll try again when I've sorted out my
new camera.

Something old and something new - 
the old is not truly old but it's a book my husband bought for me
as a birthday gift in October

a perfect gift for me!

I also love photographing rusting items, flowers and leaves
as they decay, I still can see the beauty in that stage.
Here's a leaf I noticed on the path, obviously well trodden down!

Something new is another book from my husband for Christmas,
I'd seen this one on a post from a blogger, it is a treasure!!

Yep, this is also just me!
The foreword by Safrron Aldridge, a long time friend of the author,
and the introduction by said author Miv Watts, are just a joy to read even
before one begins to go any further!
As yet I've only covered the few pages on Marianne Faithfull ( you need
to be of a certain age to be familiar with her), very interesting!
Incidentally, Miv Watts is the mother of Naomi Watts the actress.

This isn't much of a quilty post I know but I hope to remedy that over the weekend
'cos look where I'm going this Friday!!

Hubby is coming along, for two reasons:
1. he is a painter in various mediums
                                                    2. he has lived with KF fabrics and books
for more years than he probably cares to remember!

I am so, so excited!
Happy Quilting


Thursday, January 11, 2018

New project for the year - 18 in 2018

I've decided to join in this year with 
Lynette at What A Hoot Quilts
with the intention of getting through 18 projects
during the year.

I have quite a lot of quilt tops all waiting
patiently to have backings made and then basted and quilted,
I haven't decided yet which will be first in line.
Here they all are:

Scrappy Mountain Majesties
RSC 2015

Red Sea Sunset
HSTeria QAL 2014

Alley Cats 
RSC 2014

Blue Heaven

Cotton Candy
Quilt for Daisy
made after our lovely cat Daisy died

Scrap Rainbow

Tula Pink Summer Stars
loved this particular fabric range

Northern Lights
check out blog labels for the story behind this quilt

Desert Rose
Midnight At The Oasis QAL 2013
Chinese Coins
made in an invitational with AHIQ 2017

Terraces at Dusk
begun in RSC 2016 - stopped at 12 houses!

 creating the feel of an old Persian rug

Golden Strips


I have four works being pieced at the moment
and I'l be steadily working through those.
One is almost a flimsy and I'm hoping to post with this
on Saturday.

I'm going to link now with 
hop on over for a visit!


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year, New Word, New Flimsy - Teapots

I should also add to the above a happy quilting year!

This year I'm taking part in a project to try and reduce
the number of quilts waiting to be quilting in my closet and
 tops waiting to be finished - more about this in my next post.

I've given much thought to my chosen word for 2018, there were many
when I jotted them down, this is the one which stood out for me as
something I need in my life.

Balance in my creative pursuits, balance
with regard to a healthy way of living and managing
my health problems,
balance in my dealings with others, in fact I need
balance in my life - full stop!!
So, plenty for me to work on here.

On to the new flimsy, well it's almost a finished flimsy really
because I need to work out the border/borders next.
I struggled to take a decent photo today, light, best placement
of my portable design wall and so on didn't work out.

So, my teapots are all sashed now and I've used quite an
unusual choice of fabric. This was one which shouted
out to me right at the beginning but thinking it was too much
I spent ages trying plains, pattern on pattern and lots of
quiet fabrics, none of which hit the spot.
My original choice won the day.
A better photo will be posted next time.

I have a tub of fabrics waiting to be put into their
respective stash baskets, new Kaffe Collective ones
and the rejects for my sashing and fabrics from other projects,

 hopefully by the end of this week, time permitting and
keeping in mind my chosen word for the year, I shall then have
an empty fabric tub.

 I hope all of you in the USA experiencing the
horrendous weather are somehow finding ways to keep warm and safe.