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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Something Old, Something New and a Teapot flimsy

Let's start with the teapots.
Now a finished flimsy and I went with 1/2" inner border
in Kaffe Fassett Aboriginal Dot
then 4 and 1/2"border in Philip Jacobs Market Basket.
Measuring 42 and 1/2" x 68 and 1/2" and the
Market Basket fabric is more colourful that
this photo is showing, I'll try again when I've sorted out my
new camera.

Something old and something new - 
the old is not truly old but it's a book my husband bought for me
as a birthday gift in October

a perfect gift for me!

I also love photographing rusting items, flowers and leaves
as they decay, I still can see the beauty in that stage.
Here's a leaf I noticed on the path, obviously well trodden down!

Something new is another book from my husband for Christmas,
I'd seen this one on a post from a blogger, it is a treasure!!

Yep, this is also just me!
The foreword by Safrron Aldridge, a long time friend of the author,
and the introduction by said author Miv Watts, are just a joy to read even
before one begins to go any further!
As yet I've only covered the few pages on Marianne Faithfull ( you need
to be of a certain age to be familiar with her), very interesting!
Incidentally, Miv Watts is the mother of Naomi Watts the actress.

This isn't much of a quilty post I know but I hope to remedy that over the weekend
'cos look where I'm going this Friday!!

Hubby is coming along, for two reasons:
1. he is a painter in various mediums
                                                    2. he has lived with KF fabrics and books
for more years than he probably cares to remember!

I am so, so excited!
Happy Quilting



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Have a great time at the lecture. My daughter went to one and said it was fantastic.

Leeanne said...

Your tea pot quilt brewed into a beauty! I look forward to hearing how your evening with Kaffe Fassett.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I think you need to take the teapots with you and stand up and wave them.
Enjoy your evening, what fun!

Nancy J said...

Teapots look great, and Kaffee, what a treat, enjoy your evening.

Louise said...

I love the thin pink border nestled among the wild greens! Makes a wonderful frame for the teapots. I hope you enjoy Kaffe's talk!

Debbie said...

Love Marianne Faithful.....so that book interests me:) Your teapots turned out to be a true beauty with the borders added. What a lucky girl to get to go to the lecture! Enjoy and be inspired.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I am SO glad that the two of you are going to that lecture - how wonderful to share the experience. Your teapots are marvelous and that border is such a beauty. Interesting reads - I'll go over to Amazon and check them out.

Clare M said...

Love the teapots finish. Enjoy your lecture with KF. It will be entertaining. Your books look very interesting.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Loving your teapots quilt! Emjoy the Kaffe lecture, it should be really inspiring.

Good Earth Quilting said...

Maureen, lucky you girl! Gifts of great reading,gorgeous teapot flimsey and a lecture with KF!!

Enjoy, take some notes and photographs and looking forward to hearing all about next post?

O'Quilts said...

wow what a post...a beautiful finish and a session with Kaffe!!! Perfect.
Snowed in in Charlotte!!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Love love love your teapots! Have a great time at the lecture. Lucky you!!

Ann said...

Your teapots are delightful. The tables look like they are different heights but I think that's an optical illusion based on the fabrics. Anyway, very cool effect. Enjoy the lecture and your books. Always nice to have good reading material handy.

Kaja said...

That is exciting - I hope you have a wonderful day. Your husband is good at books, isn't he? I don't know either of these but they both look enticing. The teapots, naturally, are just perfect.

Lynette said...

That'll be a great lecture. I've wanted to do a quilt with Kaffe Fassetts for quite some time, and now a project has come along that is perfect for that. I won't start shopping for it until next month, though. The teapots are so fun!

gayle said...

Love those happy teapots!
So wonderful you two will be able to share that lecture together! Enjoy!

Julie said...

I would loved to have gone to that lecture. Those books look interesting - lets see if the library has them. Enjoy the lecture and have a wonderful weekend,

Sally Trude said...

The border to your teapot quilt top is wonderful. And I'm sure you know that Kaffe started out as a painter and many of his paintings are similar to his complex fabrics.

Janie said...

How fun for you! The Glorious Color lecture and your husband is going too. And he wants to go.
I'm happy for you.
Those books do look wonderful. And your teapot quilt is fabulous.
Thanks for sharing Maureen.