Waiting In The Wings

Friday, September 17, 2021

Difficult times

 Just a short post today, reasons at the end of the post.

I had decided I really wanted to make a 16 patch quilt, this had always
been on my wish list. Warm colours was my first choice but then I also began a cool colour
one as well. 
Just after my last post I was able to sew up a few blocks for the two proposed quilts,
here they are along with colour combinations auditioned on the wall., I then came to a to stop.

Cool colours

Warm colours

There are of  course lot more fabrics to add to the ones already here. 

Inspiration for my decision to work on these came from two areas,
one was the quilt below

Red Sea Sunset
made in 2014 and still not quilted

and a sunset from a few weeks ago

I had a visit to my doctor Friday last week with disturbing symptoms over a few
weeks which I ignored until my limbs were unable to function as they should,
especially my legs but my hand and arms are also a problem, they will be shaking like mad
by the time I have written this.

I have an urgent brain CT scan on Wednesday morning coming and then an urgent
appointment with a neurologist. He want so rule out anything in my brain before
going down the path of the possibility of Parkinsons. My primary care doctor had this in 
mind after carrying out a thorough neurological assessment. I have no balance and no co-ordination
in my legs, plus tremors and more. Concentration and diffictuly findint
the words I want to say.
I may not be able to leave comments on your posts at the moment but I do hope
to catch jup with reading them.

As soon as I am able I will post, meanwhile I was able to get able to get into the
garden to look at my flowers and take a few photographs, this cheered me up immensely.

Do take good care of yourselves and enjoy your quilting.

My best wishes to you all.



Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Alert Level 4 Lockdown Day 15 and quilting non existent!!

Well I thought I would be galloping away on my sewing machine
during our two (now to be 4) weeks of lockdown, but not so!

Since my last post I just haven't been able to move forward at all,
a list of proposed projects still pinned on the design wall
which is currently blank. Mind buzzing with hundreds of ideas for future

So, this post is an amalgam of bits and pieces
and to start with we have the latest Kaffe Fassett book, beautifully photographed as always,

however some of the quilts shown seem to be similar to ones in his earlier
books but using the latest of the KFC fabric range, which I have to say are as stunningly colourful
as always - I shall definitely be ordering a few for my stash.

Two books I particularly like from the early days are the ones below and
there are a few quilts which are interesting me greatly.

I decided to begin hand quilting Liquorice Allsorts whilst
waiting for inspiration to strike, I had in my box of Perle cottons a variegated
one which works beautifully on the Orchid centre squares,

the background I used for photographing is a little dark unfortunately
but the colours are quite luscious in 'real life'. I hit a slight snag
here with the needle size, the point was nice and sharp, needle just the right length
but the eye was too small for the cotton to pass through, if any of you have
used Perle cotton before I would love to know the type and size of needle used.

I have been spending time organising yet again my fabric storage, cubes were bought 
just before we changed alert levels and I'm using these for storing my
half yard KFC fabrics. Still need to go through the greys, whites and neutrals and
I just found a bin with more stash which I had forgotten about!

Sadly the light is not good again.

Other minutiae to show you is my favourite mask, we mask up when
leaving the house or entering essential business premises of which
there are only a handful including supermarkets, medical premises and the like.

I've actually been playing with fabric, cutting up three different colourways
of Sunburst fabric, there are three  quilts I've spotted using this fabric so I'll give some thought
to which colourway to go with and then  I need to cut them into individual

Last up a new fabric from 
Kathy Doughty -
click on her name the link will take you to her
store Material Obsession.
Aren't these budgies so cute!

Well that's all from me, perhaps inspiration will strike later today and
I should have something more to post about by the end of the week.

My thoughts right now are with everyone having been through the terror of Hurricane Ida,
the scenes were horrific.