Waiting In The Wings

Friday, March 18, 2022

Slow, slow stitching

More or less four weeks since I wrote anything here,
I think that's a first!

Definitely slow progress on all fronts, but progress all the same.

March is officially the beginning of Autumn here in New Zealand 

already the leaves are turning on our Japanese Maple and the huge oak tree
in the garden next door.

I'm now in a heavy duty splint with permission to enjoy my stitching and
quilting in small chunks of time, there are only small chunks of time
because I have so many physio exercises to work on!

So, what have I been spending time on in the past week of cast freedom,

creating order in my blue quarter/half yard drawer,
sorting through scraps a little at a time and cutting hexagons
out of suitable sized small pieces

and to save time I decided to try one of the glue sticks made
for that purpose, it would also
put less pressure on my hands, never done this before and did wonder about the
removal of papers, after one hour I decided to see if I had success with a tidy removal - 
no, I did not!! I shall be back to basting with needle and thread.

I have a new book

and I don't truly know why I did this when Judy Newman quilts
are pretty detailed and I had limited myself to easy, peasy projects making
use of squares, decent sized triangles and so on.
However, there is one particular quilt in the book which I had seen earlier
is deliciously scrappy and medallion style.
Just the name of the quilt took me back to my early years back home in
Lancashire living by the moors, farm fields with old stone walls
and also rambles through woodland with mixed hedgerows, collecting
bluebells to take back home to Mum, making daisy chains with friends.
I realised I was once again becoming excited about my quilting after the
past few months.

Hedgerow is definitely going to be started pretty soon, yes, I know have a few
projects on the go right now but I like to work that way. I love making a start on new 
new quilts.

So, guess what arrived in my little studio as I was feeling more energised

another squirrel!

Here is the beginning of my appropriately named quilt


This is a pattern by Kathy Doughty and I made a quilt using this quite a few
years ago,  check out the Fractured QAL label below, given the circumstances I find myself in I just had to do another one!
The pieces are just placed on the design wall, a little stitching planned for the weekend
along with placing an order for the new Kaffe Collective fabric range.

Time to close, my fractured wrist is telling me enough  right now and
as it seems I have something by the name of a rotator cuff tear in my right
shoulder which is quite frankly extremely painful, even down the whole arm,
I really have to keep to my limits.

Happy Quilting