Waiting In The Wings

Friday, December 22, 2017

Teapots, Fabric and Flowers

Good, just managing to get a post in before Christmas!

Whilst taking things slowly I've finished the applique on
four more KF teapots

only three more to go, hopefully before the New Year is upon us!

Have you see the newest book from Kaffe Fassett - 'Quilts in Ireland'?
I fell in love with Green Diamonds and decided to send off for the fabrics,
they arrived a few days ago and I'm so pleased with the
combination, this will be a project for 2018.

The weather here has been so very hot and humid, everyone heads for the beach
or stays home with every window open to bring some relief. The
other option is a very shady spot in the garden, luckily we have the large
Japanese Maple and nearby is one of my blue
hydrangeas, this year it has a mauve tinge on some of the flower heads.

This weather is great for the vegetable garden

and the courgettes are flowering nicely, tomatoes are coming along
 and I've planted basil seedlings alongside.

Before I finish up 
I'd like to say a big thank you for all your good wishes following my last post,
my spirits were definitely lifted after reading comments
and emails.
I'm hoping the New Year will see much more quilting from me!!

Wishing you all a
Happy Christmas
and a
Happy and Healthy New Year 2018

See you soon.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hot Summer Nights and Days & Freshly Squeezed

Last post but one I showed a new quilt I'd begun using my
left over fabrics from Chinese Coins,
Raewyn at stitchingfarmgirl 
said it reminded her of things sweet and sour and this gave me
the idea for the name
Freshly Squeezed - oranges, lemons, limes all in the mix

and this is the progress made so far, not much!

Due to pretty messy cardiac problems (in addition to other chronic health issues)
life has slowed down considerably for me, my quilting is
sadly missing out! I don't even have the energy to read blog posts sometimes
so I have lots of catching up to do, I'm hoping to do that after the evening meal
when the weather is a little cooler. The heat and humidity is making life
uncomfortable at the moment here in Auckland, difficult to sleep .
 The sun is just baking the ground, roll on Autumn
as far as I"m concerned!

I've been photographing in the garden early in the morning,
here is a lovely rose

Brother Cadfael

sadly showing signs of black spot on the leaves.

Below is a black stemmed hydrangea, this is a new hybrid, I usually
stick to the old fashioned plants but loved the colour so it's now in
our side garden bed.

Three years ago I planted a few gladioli, sadly they haven't performed too
well for me and this year I was down to only two flowering.

We have a large Japanese Maple in the garden with my old lichen covered
garden bench right under the canopy, this has been the perfect place to
sit in the shade and relax and read Quiltfolk magazines accompanied
by my little follower 

who prefers to be up high watching the birds!

A few bloggers wrote that they would interested on my thoughts
about the Quiltfolk magazine, this will have to be in my next post
as my concentration is not the best at the moment.

 I'm hoping I can get back into regular blogging and more quilting again
pretty soon but until next time
Happy Quilting!

Oh, almost forgot I'm going to link with
Linda and Julie
hope you'll go and visit, lots to see.