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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scrap Happy Cats

Time to post and link up with everyone taking part in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014 and all I have been able to produce in green this week are four more cats!

I need to make something else in green this week or at least with a decent amount of green in it, after seeing the lovely sewing machine cover made by Sophie  in her post yesterday I think I should start on one for my Bernina.

I had been waiting on one lot of fabric last week and it is now sitting on my cutting mat, I adore the Beaded Tents fabric (left hand side)  just as much as Tents  (right hand side)  both by Brandon Mably

and in case they are taken out of production in the future I shall hoard every scrap of these - 1.5 yards of each.

My production rate has not been as good as I would have liked lately due to a number of issues and given that I am definitely now to have the surgery on my knee I will have to get a move on with things as I won't be able to sit at the machine for two or maybe three weeks, a hand sewing project is definitely needed!

That's it from me for the weekend and let's see how much I achieve next week - do have  some serious tidying up in my studio though before I can pile more fabric on various surfaces!
Don't forget to go to the link at the start of my post to see all the greens!


  1. I like your cats - they are very cute. Good luck with that surgery. It will be disruptive, but you will feel great after it no doubt.

  2. I love the top right cat, the fabric is wonderful.

  3. I saw Sophie's machine cover as well and started to think of making one. What a nice project to plan.

  4. Sophie's sewing machine cover did indeed provide some inspiration. Your cat blocks are coming along wonderfully. That tent fabric is lovely. Good luck with the surgery and here's to a speedy recovery.

  5. I like your cats...well...except for the millefiori one. He looks like trouble. In fact, one of the kittens has fur just like that...hmmm...

  6. I love your cat blocks–don't feel bad that you ONLY made four ... they are four fantastic blocks!

    The sewing machine cover was a quick project and very satisfying and she (my purple Bernina) loves it. I highly recommend the effort (and your machine will thank you.)

    Good luck with the surgery (and recovery). I think coming up with an engaging hand-work project will help keep you sane through it all.

  7. I love your cat blocks! They're each adorable! Best of luck with your surgery. Let us know how it goes!

  8. Great Green fabrics for your cat blocks! They are very colorful! Good luck with the knee surgery - hope you will be back at your machine quickly.

  9. I am loving your cat blocks. I have never made that block but I am going to be making a tessellated one with cats like that for a Sweet Pea row by rower. The block will be 6.5" square with two cats per block.

    Hope we both get back to sewing quickly. I think I am going to drive my machine with my left foot. Wonder if I'll be able to?

  10. I love your cats! Good luck with the knee surgery.

  11. Good luck with the knee surgery....you'll have to spend your time blogging!!

  12. Kitties fabulous as always.. We have a new kitty at our house - a real one! He's a Tonkinese, very cute



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