Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along Section Two

splish splash stash

Time for the link party with Section 2.

There were a few swear words whilst making the Pershing bock,
along with a bit of unpicking. In the end I was still out a little
and decided no way was I about to start on another one so 
a tiny strip was added on two sides of the block to meet the size needed.
I made sure that the outside border on the Courthouse Step  - which
butts up against Pershing - was in a rich deep colour so my little strip
wouldn't be too obvious - hopefully.

Because of the busy nature of this quilt I think it's possible to get away with
a minor adjustment if needed.

I've found that working out the colour combinations to my liking
takes the most time, but I do now have lots of small extras to add to my

I also have a few blocks which didn't make it, they could possibly
be incorporated in future sections.

This is an enjoyable quilt to be working on even through patience
may be tested along the way, but now it's on to Section 3 and 4 next.

Check out the link
to the Gypsy Wife link party



  1. These blocks are lovely--it's a "Gypsy"after all--so a few strips here and there just add to its charm...hugs, Julierose

  2. What a great solution to a small size problem. I doubt I would have seen the extra strips if you hadn't pointed them out. I really like the warm tones you are working with.

  3. I love your fussycut flowers peeking out of the block centers!
    I agree with previous commenters - with all the strips and stripes going on in this quilt, a couple of tiny extras will never be noticed. 8)

  4. You bring everything together so well and I love the fussy cuts. Of course, the coneflower is my favorite.

  5. I'm loving your gypsy wife. Best one I have seen.

  6. Love the colours you are focusing on here, very 'gypsy'! And I'm enjoying seeing everyone's versions, all so very different!

  7. I had to look really hard to find your little strip (even knowing where it was!) I think all the time spent working out which fabrics to use shows in your finished blocks: they work so beautifully together, lots of rich colour and design but still well balanced.

  8. Loving the colours you have used in section 2. So rich and moody looking.

  9. I thought you planned it that way as the very narrow strip seems right at home. It is looking so the rich colors and fabrics.

  10. The extra block colors are great. Can't imagine working on that quilt! Yikes, a lot of fussing and busyness to keep a focus.


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