Sunday, April 3, 2016

Two late stars and fabric stash

Below are the two stars just finished by the end of March but too late
for the last purple link of the month with
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016
which is now orange with black/brown accents.
Something in these colours posting next week.

A package with a few of the Spring 2016 fabrics
from the Kaffe Fasset Collective - spoiled for choice with the
range on offer!!

The bottom fabric above is a beauty and I ordered in three

I love the very dark Aboriginal Dot.  I have used a piece from each of
two daisy fabrics in the strips for Gypsy Wife, no plans for a project using
these other fabrics presently, just going to add them to my stash.

There are fabrics over every almost every surface in my studio at the moment
so tomorrow will be spent tidying and I reckon it's going to take the best part of a full day to do it.
I also need to work on some parts of my blog, adding pages, sorting out the
blog list - which I lost for some reason early this week and it's taken a while
to get everyone back on my side bar! At least I hope I have
everyone back on there.

It's early Sunday evening here in New Zealand so I'd better go and join
the link for
Rainbow Scrap Challenge
Oh Scrap!
looks like quite a lot of folk already there,  see you all during the week.
Happy Quilting.


  1. Your purple stars look wonderful and I am drooling over all the new Kaffe fabric! I did a little stash enhancement myself yesterday, so may have to go back and make one or two more purple Sugar Bowl blocks.

  2. Enjoy your new fabrics! I'm sure that you will make something BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Love the stars, so pretty! I've decided that my sewing studio is like my kitchen it wants cleaning after every use!

  4. Just lovely purple stars--nice groupings of fabrics you've gotten...when i got up this morning it was SNOWING!! and now the wind has come up out of the NW--so the cold front is coming poor daffs....enjoy your sewing hugs, Julierose

  5. There are some really pretty fabrics in the new line. Mine are on the way to me.

  6. Incredible, beautiful, fabrics --- I know you'll do wonderful things with them (after you finish petting them for a while). Best wishes for the folding and sorting AND for the blog updates. Takes time but SO worth the effort.

  7. Love your star blocks! The fabrics are gorgeous.

  8. Your new fabrics look luscious! You can never go wrong with more Kaffe to work with! I ran into some problems with Blogger this week too... missing photos from past blogs. UGH! Have a good week!

  9. I look forward to seeing your stars come together, especially given the strong contrast with your background.

  10. Do you order the Kaffee fabrics from Overseas? I have some I received from Sew Sisters, and their range is enormous.Love the stars. We have rain here too, so welcome for the farmers.

  11. Kaffe Fasset fabrics are beautiful in so many blocks. They look wonderful in the star blocks. I love the spark you new fabrics have.

  12. Love the new KF fabrics, I'm on a self-imposed fabric ban so it helps to see what others are buying even if I can't buy fabric :)

    Both of those blocks are gorgeous, I love that leaf print in the centre square it is such a versatile print.

  13. You did it again, more terrific blocks with that luscious KF fabric. Lucky you! Have fun sorting and storing all the goodies.

  14. Enjoy those pretty new fabrics. The colors are lovely. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  15. Those stars are wonderful!! Love your new fabric! Enjoy!

  16. Love, love, love those stars! Your fabric selection is amazing! Wonder how many people noticed the goose.

  17. A sewing room covered in lots of beautiful Kaffe collective fabrics sounds wonderful!! I really like your rich purple stars.

  18. Lovely fabrics. Tidying up can feel like a chore, but sometimes it helps create head space too.

  19. Your stars are so luscious! Now I have to run and get a towel because I have drooled all over my keyboard...

  20. Those two stars are really stunning, and I love your new Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

  21. i always enjoy your large scale prints. Enjoy your new fabric, too.


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