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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gypsy Wife and Grandies (grandchildren)

Gypsy Wife Quilt
I finished Sections 3 and 4, here they are just quickly pinned on the wall
along with Sections 1 and 2 just as they will be stitched in the

Excuse all the extra surrounding bits!

One of the blocks above has a connection with the fabric below and I have to tell
you the story!
Friday morning last week we had our two youngest grandsons over
 for a few hours, one 5yrs and one 3yrs. They came along to my little studio with me
to see where I did all my sewing.
I have a large basket with children's fabrics, most of them are
Laurel Burch and the one below I fell in love with
many years ago, think I have around 4 yards. I thought it would be just
the thing for a quilt for the 5yr old, lifted the basket down and yes this
was without doubt what he wanted for his quilt.

No pattern decided on at that point but he then pulled off the bottom left  GW block
from the design wall, tiny flower centre and three rounds of strips.
"Grandma, why don't we put parrots and all the other
animals and birds in the middle instead of the flower and can I help make it and sew
with the string"
says he!!!
OK pattern now decided. Meanwhile the 3yr old is rummaging in
my two clean up cut bins putting the strips together - very colour
co-ordinated I may add.
Perhaps, as my husband commented, we have two prospective quilters??

Tuesday this week middle two grandchildren 13yrs and 11yrs spent the day
with us and we all went out for lunch,
then grand-daughter decided she would like to make some of
my savoury cheese muffins

and didn't she make a good job of them!! Tasty with lots of cheese,
chopped bell pepper and celery all topped off with crunchy cheese.

What a lovely week but not much quilting,
I'll try and catch up today.


Nancy J said...

What a wonderful holiday memory for each of them, and a quilt in the making. Our grandies, one is on University holiday, assignment under-way but some bike riding has been squashed in.. the other still at home, at High School or College you might call it,but very busy with her horse, lots easier when no school timetable to stick with. Down here, all is well, sunny day, some shopping, and a block, well, 4 blocks to be backed and quilted, hope we have a few extra days after the 30th to get it done for April!!!

Julierose said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. I love that Laurel Burch fabric too...hugs, julierose

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Your Gypsy Wife is looking spectacular! Some bits seem to be quite clear as a block, some bits blurring into each other, very clever!

Debbie said...

Great story, great memory, wonderful GS!!! I so love hearing others who have stories that go with their fabrics and quilts. the gypsy is looking spe ctacular!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Laurel Burch is my favorite. I used her artwork when I taught public school art all the time as inspiration. Her story is quite heart rendering and makes me like her work even more. My grandchildren, 6 and 4, like being in my sewing room and messing with fabric. Tried to get them to sew on my handcrank, but not really sold on it.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your Gypsy Wife quilt is wonderful! We can all hope the interest in fabric will be there for at least one of our grandchildren. It would be nice to see our fabric passed down to family members and see them create while we are still here on earth.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I really like your version of the Gypsy Wife -- thanks for sharing the stories about your grandies. Made me smile!

Sally T said...

Your Gypsy Wife is beautiful in bits and as its coming together. And how wonderful that your grandson is going to share your love of color and fabric.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

I'm chiming in to echo the other comments on what a stunning quilt that will be. I love your story of the grand kids and their interest in grandma's sewing and baking. So wonderful.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thank you Jocelyn, I can't reply directly as you are a noreply-comment blogger, but I appreciate you leaving your lovely comment.

Leeanne said...

Sounds like good times with the grandkids. I recently read on a blog the saying "it takes a village to bring up a child"..........and grandparents too!

apiecefullife said...

How lovely getting them involved. You never know where design springs from as we grow up.

Stephie said...

What a lovely story Maureen! I look forward to seeing how his quilt turns out :) I adore you GW, it really is fantastic - such an eye for pattern and colour.

Alison Crosthwaite said...

cheese muffins look amazing....quilts are good too!!