Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kaleidoscope and Kitten

I packed in a few hours sewing over the past week and
decided to concentrate on my kaleidoscope blocks.

Initially I was photographing them individually but as I made
more I thought it would be overkill to have lots of individual
shots going on for ever down the page. But here are the first three single ones

and below three sets - first up the greens
second the oranges
third blues

I posted HERE with the blocks I had earlier. My idea was not too much contrast and
to keep it, as someone described, rich and moody! Think of a worn, richly coloured
Persian carpet, that's what I have in mind.
These latest photos were taken this morning but I've been having trouble
with the camera today and then the computer went down, hence the sizing
is different for each one!

Not forgetting the kitten part of the post here she is sitting
somewhere she shouldn't be in protest at the collar she's having to wear.
Sutures out tomorrow and collar off!!!! I think we'll have one happy kitty.
I know that I shall be a very happy quilter!!

Time to visit with Cathy over at Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, back soon.


  1. The description of how you want your kaleidoscope quilt to look sound interesting. Poor kitty...get well soon.

  2. Awesome, amazing, spectacular, I'm lost for words to say how stunning every block is. Great fabric combinations, and as for the collar, you will find life lots easier when that has gone!!! Both of you!!!

  3. Beautiful K blocks (notice how i neatly avoid spelling it out LOL??) I like the richness--and it will look like a Persian rug for have such a great color sense...kitty looks a bit perturbed with that collar (oh nooo, don't take a shot of me in this collar!!)--I can't blame her...glad you are able to sew a bit... hugs, Julierose

  4. The colors and design are stunning. I am not sure I would be able to sew these blocks, seems very complicated.

  5. Beautiful and luscious! And what a great photo of Leila. I think she is objecting to the plate covering up the wonderful table topper.

  6. Your kaleidoscopes are gorgeous!!! Love the deep rich theme you are going for. And poor darling kitty! I'm off to check back posts to see why she is in stitches 😿

  7. WOW! Colors, fabrics, and the way you used the fabrics (directional etc)---just perfect. All the blocks are just a feast!

  8. Great work! I agree, your blocks are a feast. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Janie - you are showing as a no-reply comment blogger so sadly I can't reply to you directly.

  9. ooh, these are going to look wonderful!

  10. Your blocks are so beautiful! I can't wait to see it start to come together as a whole quilt on your design wall.

  11. Your kaleidoscopes are stunning!
    And poor conehead kitty... I know she'll be glad to get rid of that wild Elizabethan neckpiece!

  12. I had a kaleidoscope I loved when I was a kid and your photos today have prompted a strong visual memory! You have the colours just right, I think.

  13. So many kaliedoscope blocks and they're all wonderful! That photo of your kitty is priceless. I love that she is sitting in a dish and still looks elegant with a collar on.

  14. A well worn Persian carpet! What a wonderful description. Your blocks look so perfect and the colour's are definitely on the rich and moody side, can't wait to see more. Aw poor little kitty - maybe that's her pros test bowl! She looks very cute in it! Hope you're back's feeling better Maureen x

  15. These blocks are all so beautiful. You're doing a great job of working with rich, moody colors. I think the green set is my favorite.


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