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Sunday, December 13, 2015

On a rainy day and RSC 2015

A wet day here in Auckland but a good day for ducks
and for quilting and reading!

My Scrappy Mountains are nearly all sewn together and now
I'm starting on machine appliquéing my teapots - see HERE for
my last post with my final layout

if you click it will enlarge and you can see I have
used blanket stitch, which I have never done before by
machine but as I have 12 teapots I thought it was about time
I tried the quicker method, although because of having to change
thread with each teapot to get a good colour match, then
change again for the lid perhaps it's not as quick as I had thought.

I took out a subscription to Simply Moderne from Quiltmania
when they opened their office in the USA and issue No3
arrived during the week (already had 1 and 2 from bookshop)

and what a great magazine it is - I am enjoying this publication so much.
Very good articles  - there is a beauty on LeeAnn Decker over at
Nifty Quilts
A good selection of patterns in each issue into the bargain.

Back to my teapots and I'm linking up with
RSC 2015
take a peek at the progress on finishes here.

Before I go a photo of one of my hydrangea bushes, originally a soft mauve
but now multi-colour

and loving the rainy day!

Have a happy week with all the Christmas preparations.



Nancy J said...

Machine buttonhole can be a lot faster, when I do that, I find all the same colour fabrics to do at one time, and use fine grey invisible in the bobbin, I don't fill the bobbin totally, and thread it through the hole in the bobbin holder. Lovely flowers, and what a great magazine.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

What a beautiful hydrangea bush. I love it when they have multicolor blooms. I guess it has to do with the acid in the soil.

scraphappy said...

Lovely hydrangeas. Beautiful mix of colors. Best of luck finishing up those teapots. Even with changing of thread, I am sure the machine will be quicker. Maybe you could do all the parts that need the same colors of thread at the same time rather than switching quite so much?

gayle said...

That hydrangea is absolutely gorgeous! So much color.
I love your teapots! I have no advice on machine applique - the times I've tried it didn't go well...

PaulaB quilts said...

Good luck with the teapots. I know it will be very special when you finish. Thanks again for the flowers. The mixed color hydrangeas remind me of Seattle, where they were like that.

katie z. said...

Well done on the teapot.

Sally T said...

Wow. I enlarged your beautiful teapot and discovered meticulous stitching. And I am very jealous of your hydrangea!

Deb A said...

Wow - such beautiful stitches! Your hydrangea is beautiful. What great colors for a quilt they would make....

Quiltdivajulie said...

Glad to hear you like the magazine - I've been tempted. Beautiful, glorious flowers (we are in the dull season here). Still loving your teapots.

Leeanne said...

Some projects call for a speedier approach, the blanket stitch looks good. As does your Hydrangea!

Stephie said...

So glad to see that you're managing to do some stitching and enjoy the garden. Hydrangeas in December just sounds so wrong, even if they are as glorious as yours! Your teapots look absolutely wonderful too :)

Kaja said...

I'm dying to see this one finished - really like the idea of machine blanket stitch to keep them down too. I keep looking at that magazine...

Quilt Inspiration said...

Hi Maureen, we think your blog is wonderful. The teapots are adorable, with excellent fabric choices. And thank you for the photos of your garden, which is stunningly beautiful !
Best wishes, and happy quilting, from Marina and Daryl

Quilteuse Forever said...

Lovely hydrangeas, making me think of Summer time in Brittany.
Glad to know that you receive Simply Moderne, I am also a true supporter of this new magazine!