Friday, November 20, 2015

Sorting teapots

Working on two projects today, first of all my teapots are
on the design wall (roughly I admit) not appliqued yet and there will be sashing
between each block.
I had intended nine blocks but have 12 and there seems to be an
excess of green top halves which really stand out. I also have
three with the soft brown and lilac spots. So - do I keep to my original plan
and have nine or do I use all twelve or do I make perhaps two more
with better balance and leave two of the present ones out?

The pink base also is prominent but that could balance the limey greens.
This will keep me occupied for the best part of the afternoon I think!!

Second project of the day is machine quilting on Paintbox HERE
I'm just going around the nine blocks with grey thread and then
do the blocks themselves. I think I've found a good thread colour in my drawer

I love this multi-thread which seems to blend with most colours in these blocks.

On a purple theme my wallflowers are blooming and the lavender lagging
behind a little - need weeds pulling on the edge of the drive!

Linking up with fellow Rainbow Scrappers if you feel the need for
more colour - go visit!

Back to the machine for me. Have a good day.



  1. Your teapots are so lovely!! and that multi is so pretty--great use of color as usual great blending....hugs, Julierose

  2. Love those tea pots! Happy to offer space in my china cabinet for the poor sad three!

  3. Your teapots do all look lovely together... lots of lovely bright colour! Maybe just play for a while moving them around?

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos and the reminder to get more multi thread. That's a great choice for your quilt.

  5. Terrific teapots . . . perhaps the three orphans can become a focal point for the quilt's back?

  6. Maureen, I love everything in this post : the teapots blocks, Kaffe Fassett fabrics and the purple flowers... so British!

  7. I haven't been making good design decisions this week so I'll refrain from offering an opinion on your teapots. You have so many pretty projects in the works!

  8. Those teapots are so pretty that just arranging and rearranging them would be very satisfying. Or maybe that's just me...
    I love all the color you've got going on here! So much happiness!

  9. I'm absolutely dotty for your teapots! I'm wondering if you don't need more. Maybe the green would stand out less with fewer brown backgrounds?

  10. Hope the moving around the teapots worked for you! I would spread out the greens - one per row and spread out the browns. Good luck. I'm sure you have come up with a solution that makes you smile.

  11. Don't get rid of any. The bottom two could be mixed in another place, the four green ones make a box so with a bit of tweaking I say keep em all. As to the backgrounds repeating, well, how artsy of you. Keep it up.
    Listen if you don't love it by the time you've quilted it, send it to me.... just so you aren't reminded of it you know.

  12. I love the way you use color, fabulous, your flowers look great.

    1. Janie thanks so much for stopping by. Google + is not letting me respond directly so hope you see this.

  13. The teapots look great all together. If it were me I'd just keep moving them about until I cracked it, though I can see that 9 blocks together look good too. I love variegated thread too.

  14. Perfect choice for quilting thread. It really does blend. Maybe if the green blocks are in the corners they will look balanced?

  15. I'm not a very balanced person so I think the layout you have there looks fine to me! Your projects are a riot of color. I love any type of variegated thread.

  16. I love all twelve and would hate to leave out any. If you think of a pottery shop there are always lots and lots. That's the fun of them. Thanks for the flower photo, so bright as I look out on our first snowfall.

  17. I'd use all 12 because they are all so nice but play with the block placement to spread the colors around.

  18. Love all 12 teapot blocks. The colors seem to be pretty well balanced. It's going to be a very pretty quilt.

  19. How exciting seeing all the teapots come together.. I'd stick with the 12 of them and just fiddle with the layout a little. Hope you got a chance to quilt - and you are having some fun with it!

  20. I love all your sweet tea pots! I see no problems with any of them.


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