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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Two more sleeps until Christmas Day

Two more sleeps here in New Zealand that is!
I'm conscious that I haven't done a post for just on a week or so now 
and didn't even link up with Angela for the next to last
Saturday in the RSC 2014. Not been too well and just didn't manage
to sew more than four cats together in the past week so nothing much to show
on that score. I can show the beginnings of
a new piece which I posted to
Cultural Fusion Quilts early last week, this is
a new blog from Sujata Shah of The Root Connection and I am thrilled to be a contributor
to the blog, please go and visit, it's going to be great!

Sailing Through Suez

Just at the stage of playing around with colours and going with the Flying Geese setting
based on the Hourglass block from Sujata's book Cultural Fusion Quilts which you can see
on the links above.

 New fabrics arrived in the mail this week which cheered me no end
and I needed some cheering as blood tests
 tell me that in addition to other health problems I am pre-diabetic - pretty high results!!
Sugar is a no-no and fats are also on the "careful watch" list, please think of me
when you're all enjoying your Christmas turkey or ham and and all the trimmings,
not forgetting yummy mince pies and cream!

Over the next few days I hope to spend time planning out projects for next year,
Vicki over at Field Trips in Fiber
has some great ideas which will keep me busy! Pay a visit - the more the merrier.

I must end this post with photos of the sunset yesterday evening

Just Glorious

Wishing you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas


Rachaeldaisy said...

I love the way the green fabric glows in your flying geese!! That's no good about your blood tests, at least it's better to know so you can do something about it. Those sunsets are beautiful, glorious is the right description!!

Julierose said...

So sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly! Hang in with that diet--I am off mine for the next two days--but then bang right back on! I love your Root Connection piece--beautiful green ombre. Thanks for sharing those sunsets--I needed those--it's been grey and raining here for days on end--feels so gloomy! Merriest of Christmases to you and yours. Hugs, Julierose

Terri said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Sounds like you are getting better.
I've been diabetic for at least 15 years... on Insulin injections 4X per day for more than 10 years, and my numbers are just now getting down to normal. (It's quite bewildering, too, because I've just recently started eating desserts. I just eat less, and that seems to be the help I needed.)
Love your sunsets... they're always better with clouds, I think. You get more shapes and different colors with clouds included.

Leeanne said...

Funky fun fabrics! Wishing you a Merry Cheery Christmas and a creative New Year!

Teresa in Music City said...

Those kitties are pretty patient - they will wait until you are ready for them :) Love your fusion piece - going over to check it out now :)

Take care of yourself and practice saying NO! this holiday season. And I hope you start feeling better SOON!

Sally Trude said...

I am wishing you a happy and healthy new year! May you bounce about with happiness like the playful dots in your cultural fusion geese!

Ann said...

How clever to mix different ombre fabrics with this fun polka dot. I do love random dots. Enjoy!
Wishing you improving health.