Friday, December 2, 2016

A Magic Carpet Ride and Friday Favourites

It's worked out that this week I've rolled two
posts into one.

The Kaleidoscope quilt is now a flimsy waiting to be quilted, I'm thrilled
with how it looks. You might remember I wanted
to create the impression of an old Persian carpet and I think
I've achieved that. So, here is


photographed early this morning in the back garden. I had to
maneouvre the display board down there to catch the light.
Measuring 48" x 64", the colours are a little lighter in this photo
due to the sun.
No border going on this quilt.

Isfahan draped over my much loved old bench seat

My Friday Favourite is an old Royal Doulton jug
from a pottery range made under the header
Under The Greenwood Tree

This jug belonged to a dear old Aunt of mine, her collection of pottery

came to me after she died. She was the Aunt who was born in 1903
and went into "service" at the age of 13yrs - shades of the downstairs
maids in Downton Abbey. I wish now we had been able to enjoy
more conversations about her early days. 

I'm way behind on replying to comments left on my
blog last Friday, apologies to those bloggers, it's been a funny old week made complete by two broken
teeth and two visits to the dentist.

One bright spot was a package of fabric received

I love artichokes but only to look at, not to eat!


I couldn't resist the colours in the fabrics below.

I think that's all from me this week but I'm off  to link with

Ann  and Cathy
Kaleidoscope of Butterflies



  1. Love love love your new flimsy. So much movement.
    Your new fabric divine!

  2. Broken teeth sounds expensive. Love the photo of your flimsy draped over the garden bench - looks like something out of a Kaffe book. What range is the lovely teal/purple from?

  3. I love your Persian carpet quilt!! Wonderful assortment of fabrics and colors!

  4. mmmmmmm Yummy new flimsy! And the new fabric too.

  5. Love your Kaleidoscope! And lots of yummy new fabrics as well, gorgeous colours!

  6. Wow Maureen - I just love your magic carpet ride!!

  7. The carpet quilt is just fabulous. Excellent colors and fabrics, all thrown into a kaleidoscope. Great vision to see what would happen.

  8. Oh, it's beautiful, Maureen! Great job! And that pottery jug obviously so full of lovely memories, I can see why it's a favorite. I hope you are not in any pain from your dental work!

  9. It's perfect!!! You are lucky to have your aunt's pottery collection; what a lovey connection to her and to the past.

  10. Isfahan turned out beautifully. It does look like a Persian carpet. Pretty new fabrics two. Hopefully both helped negate the dentists visits.

  11. Your kaleidoscope is so striking. Your choice of corner squares was brilliant and I like how you varied them inside and along the border. Wonderful!

  12. Thanks for sharing beautiful photos of your quilt in your garden, fabrics and jug.
    Eye candy.

  13. Your kaleidoscope is just stunning! Are you going to make another one with those lovely new fabrics?
    And that jug is really beautiful! Now I'm off to look at Royal Doulton pottery for a while...

  14. Beautiful! Gorgeous!
    Also, lucky you to inherit something from an aunt.
    Hope the teeth are fixed!

  15. SO sorry to hear about the teeth -- NOT fun. The new fabrics, especially the second set, are beautiful. And that new quilt top - is - PERFECT! I can only imagine how awesome it is in person . . . congratulations!!!!!

  16. Isfahan is absolutely gorgeous, and you certainly achieved your goal! Not only are the fabrics beautiful, but you really made the most of them as well.

    Two broken teeth! That is no fun at all. I hope you are fixed up now. Happy quilting!

  17. I love the quilt and the artichokes too!

  18. Oh, my. What a beautiful kaleidsoscope, Maureen. I think your use of yellow (and omission of white) gives this top such richness. Great job. Thanks for linking with K of B.

  19. That is stunning, stunning, stunning! And it looks so beautiful in the sunshine.


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