Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Colour, colour and more colour........

In the past two weeks I haven't been sewing, not on my own quilts
at least, but I have been quilting and binding a small colourwash piece
which I bought last year from
Wanda at Exuberant Color

I've always loved the stunning colourwash quilts made by Wanda and when
I saw this on her blog I quickly sent off an email!
 Just quilted vertically, the emphasis being on
the colour and placement of fabrics rather than the quilting.

I just had enough of the batik for binding but made a stupid mistake with the scissors
when I came to join the two ends together so
there are a couple of wonky bits, I am waiting for more of the
fabric to arrive then I'll resew.

In the package was a surprise gift of one of her
mug rugs

and what a beauty it is!

For a little colour co-ordination

this day lily is out in the garden,
it doesn't usually flower until August/September,
how come it's putting on a show in March is a mystery.

In the mail today

this will make good bedtime reading tonight and would
have looked a lot better if the postie hadn't
folded it in half when leaving it in the box!

Thanks to all for your good wishes, hope I've not missed
replying to anyone!


Leeanne said...

Good finish.....don't you kick yourself when you make a mistake that requires more fabric!

Nancy J said...

Wanda's colourwash quilts are amazing, I wish that she could do an online course. I have deep yellow day lilies out, and one small maple that is definitely in autumn, all the leaves have turned golden brown.

Debbie said...

Fabulous colorwash. The only way to get that full spectrum of color is from Wanda! And a priceless gift from her is always good!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Such a wonderful sight to see today- all that color! I am looking at continuing snow blowing around with about 18" on the ground. Tough go in Buffalo!

Julierose said...

Lovely colorwash piece; beautiful lily--we still are snow-covered here, but I ordered some rose-mauve colored chrysanthemums to plant in April--Spring Fever has hit me hard!!

crazyquilter said...

The colour wash is beautiful, something I have always loved the look of but never tried.
How lovely that she sent you a mug rug as well - and so lovely and colourful, very thoughtful.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Welcome back - hate it when the posties bend our special magazines!!

gayle said...

At least the postie didn't drop it in a puddle...
Lots of lovely colors, from the quilt to the lily! Enjoy!

Sally Trude said...

That mug rug certainly found the perfect home. And what a treat to have a two season daylily!

Ann said...

How kind of Wanda to include something extra with the quilt top.
We're twins. I've done the same thing with my binding and seem to do it more often when I have exactly the amount of fabric needed and no more.
I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Kate said...

Beautiful colorwash! Hopefully your fabric arrives quickly.

Kaja said...

Nice to find you back here, Maureen. I love Wanda's colourwash quilts; how fabulous to own one!

Janie said...

Lovely color here, Maureen.
Glad you're back.
That Simply Modern issue does look like a good read!

MontyBear said...

The colorwash you got from Wanda is one of my favorites from her. Your blog and Exuberantcolor are my two favorites.

Alison Crosthwaite said...

As always, love all the work you do. Do hope your health issues are improving x