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Friday, May 26, 2017

A slow two weeks

Definitely a slow two weeks!
Thanks to everyone for good wishes after my last post,
sadly the CT scan showed problems with my spinal canal have progressed 
so off for another appointment in two weeks time, until then I shall be very careful!

Quilting - two short sessions only. Last post I showed this photo

and decided pastels were not for me, I had decided to make
a quilt from a Judy Newman book below

in fact it was the one on the cover.

sent me links to this particular pattern made with some nice
splashes of colour here and there. This week I decided to play around
with fabrics again and this is the first row

I decided to go with a KF fabric - Dream in Dark - for the setting triangles.
Not a great photo, Gypsy Wife is on my design wall so this strip ended up on
the dining table.

I've been spending time reading, cutting the last of the roses

and enjoying watching the sun rise

I'm going to link up now with 
Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

and hope I have more quilting to post about next week.


Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Amazing choice Maureen! This is going to be great, enjoy playing with the Kaffe florals!

Julie said...

Loving your quilt blocks, the colour contrast is lovely. I really must add more Kaffe to my stash. Sorry to hear the news with your spinal cord isn't good. You must have a beautiful rose garden.

Thanks for linking to Sew, stitch, Snap, Share again.

Debbie said...

I like the new color combo....some softness with your colorful signature. Sending prayers for your spine and future appointment. Enjoy those roses and sunrises....each day is a miracle.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Oh, Maureen, I am so sad that you have this setback. I will pray that you can heal and keep sewing. Your work is unique and color kissed!

Julierose said...

Oh hope it's good news for you and that you will be okay ---waiting is the worst.
Nice blocks...I think low volume/pastels are difficult...hard to balance...
hugs, Julierose

Monica said...

Take care of yourself! Maybe some "low impact" piecing will still work for you. :D

gayle said...

I'm not much for pastels either, so i totally understand. I love the way you play with those glorious Kaffe prints!
Hoping for good news for you!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Really like that new background choice! I love pastels in a low volume quilt but not in the rest of my work - saturated colors are my first loves. Sending all sorts of healing thoughts your way.

Ann said...

I'm struck by how well your photos go together: some bold, some dark, and many lights. Your new strip set looks good. Sorry your spinal canal is in trouble. I hope they can make any repairs quickly. Best safe.

Louise said...

I'm sorry to hear that your medical news isn't what you had hoped. You are in my thoughts, Maureen!

Your roses coordinate beautifully with the Kaffe fabric, don't they? Such gorgeous pinks!

O'Quilts said...

love the quilts and hate the news...send me an email to let me know exactly what is going on...I do not know what it means...sending xxxooo

Sally Trude said...

Please take good care of yourself. Your blog is such wonderful color therapy. And, of my, that sun rise is beautiful.

Raewyn said...

A great way to use those fabrics Maureen - looks like you are back on track with these! Best wishes for your health issues... enjoy some slower paced and lower impact times, smelling the roses - and so on :-)

Kaja said...

I like those fabrics with the darker setting triangles a lot - much more you. My roses are just starting, first buds out; yours are beautiful. I hope you have better news after another two weeks.

Kate said...

Your new project is looking very pretty. I like the darker setting triangles. You've got some beautiful roses and some very pretty sunsets. Hope you get to enjoy both more this week.

Charlotte Scott said...

As they say...Bugger. Hope that you can still sew while being careful while you wait for your next appt. Looks like you can, so that's good. I like the light/dark contrast in the strip you showed. Thinking good thoughts for you.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Be kind to yourself. I love the piecing you have done, pretty florals!! And your roses are beautiful. I hope the smell as good as they look.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you will soon feel better. I continued to be inspired by your color choices and projects. Seeing the pictures of the beautiful place where you live I understand your attraction to the bright colors in your projects. I have begun my own blog to keep track of my quilting progress. As your roses fade, mine here in eastern U.S. begin to bloom. Love the perfumed air every morning as I leave for work.