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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bits and pieces

Definitely a bits and pieces sort of 10 days, barely anything
achieved on the quilting side - ongoing saga of back problems - but
I was able to spend a little time on a few pieces for the
dark quilt started a couple of posts ago here

and if you have the Judy Newman book - Quilts for Life made with Love - you will
 know that in her quilt Vintage Comfort there are no stripped elements.
I like to change things around a little.

I've been going through my old Hoffman fabrics and cutting them
into strips with my GO cutter, some must be 20 years old!

I needed to make room in my storage baskets making them easier to lift out.
This one below I couldn't bear to cut up

and I'm busy thinking of where I could use a decent
size chunk in a quilt.

A package of fabrics came from Glorious Color,  these are from
the Spring 2017 Kaffe Collective range, the ones below are still
waiting to be stored away.

I'm signing off with a sunset from a few days ago

Back soon, hope you're enjoying some quilting time.
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Julie said...

Those coloured strips remind me of the quilts in Jane Brocket's book, The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking, worth a look if you haven't already seen it. Some of those new Kaffes are rather delicious.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Yes, those Hoffmans are over 20 years old. They were in stock at the quilt shop that I managed back in the mid 1990s. They are prettier than some of the new floral prints.

gayle said...

I wouldn't be able to cut into those luscious fish either!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Looking forward to seeing your version of 'vintage comfort' quilt, your fabric choices are great!

Leeanne said...

"Vintage Comfort' what a lovely name for a quilt!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Such pretty fabrics. I love the fishes! Such a beautiful sunset.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Gorgeous colors, doesn't matter how old they are. Glad you are doing bits and pieces.

Debbie said...

20 year old Hoffman florals make me green with envy!!!! Lol I even have a few of those beauties. You eye for putting colors together will figure a perfect way to use them. The fish one would look good using the 9 patch pizzazz method....older book but great for large scale or scenic prints.
Hope you are feeling better and can get back to the stitching again soon.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful sunset and glorious colors in your fabrics. Sending wishes for healing and good health.

Louise said...

I love that fish fabric! I know you'll find a great pattern to highlight it without cutting it up too small.

Raewyn said...

I hope your back problems ease Maureen, and glad you are able to do a little bit of sewing at least. Hope you are having fun delving into your older fabrics and discovering all sorts of memories! I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt/blocks grow :-)

Kaja said...

I do hope you get your back problems resolved soon, it must be miserable. I like your fabrics old and new and also the blocks for the dark quilt.

O'Quilts said...

I hate the back thing for you......I love the fish and the sunset. I have started talking to myself..."You will be ok, things will work out, you will do the best you can...etc..OMG..a nutcase. I am glad you could at least get out the fabric, touch it and love it. xo

Monica said...

I hope your back is starting to feel better. I know it can be a long wait! But, the fabrics will still be there. :D

Sally Trude said...

Kaffe's black fans fabric is one of my new favorites. Stroking fabric (instead of lifting it) is supposed to be very therapeutic for the back. Hope you are feeling better soon.