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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE #16

Hooray, I'm actually getting a post up on time to join the link
Linda and Julie
and this time I'm using up leftovers from Chinese Coins
shown below

so with lots of strips

and chunks of the fabrics used and tossed in my scrap bin

I'm going for more plain and simple.

Four strips measuring 2" x 6 and 1/2" cut
and sewn
then placed on the design wall

these will be 6" square when sewn together, I really should
have liked 8" finished but some of my strips were not quite long enough.
It's not the best time of day to take photos, too late in the afternoon
and the light is going, the colour is much brighter than shown here.
Chinese Coins gives an idea of the true colours.
By the way these are all Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics.

I'm hoping to spend some time making lists tomorrow -
projects I would like to sew top of the list.
Two I have in mind need quite a bit of concentration,  these will sit
and wait for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy the rest of your week and don't forget the
link with Julie and Linda at the top of this post.



  1. beautiful scrappiness..........

  2. Love those fabrics, and your top one, what a super design and colour together.

  3. Love the rails.....your bright fabrics make them dance to a beat.

  4. Just the colors I needed to see this morning. I have tried unsuccessfully to make rectangle HSTs. I could just ring out the juiciness of your quilt and sip it all day. Gorgeous sewing.

  5. Lovely coins and strips quilting...you certainly have the eye for KF fabrics...hugs, Julierose;)))

  6. Lovely to find you sewing - and such luscious colours as always.

  7. You and your happy colors always brighten my day!

  8. wow. brights colors and looking so intriguing.

  9. This looks like bright pieces of candy to me! Now I'm craving sour/sweet citrus flavors :)

  10. Oh delicious! I am especially attracted to the wonderful orange and green mix--now I must try and take advantage of that somewhere. And the coins are wonderful...please don't spend them.

  11. Looks a bit like a rail fence patter. You have such pretty scraps. Hope you are going to share that list with us. Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE.

  12. Oh, yummy! I love your skinny triangles and haven't seen them in a while. Rail Fence is the perfect way to use Coin leftovers. How wonderful that you are up and sewing again, Maureen.

  13. A great way to use up those left overs. It's going to be a very bright and colorful quilt.

  14. Those are some pretty good leftovers! The natural colours, and light and shadow, are really looking good. :D

  15. Very Nice Collection.Thnx for sharing keep up the Good work..
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  16. Wonderful way to use up these bright jewel-tone scraps. Have a wonderful time playing with them :)



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