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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Waltzing Matilda aka Rainbow Blur

I now have this quilt top finished and all ready
to be hung in the closet waiting to be quilted.

My quilts have names and as this one was based on the
travels around Aussie by Anna Maria Horner I'm calling it
Waltzing Matilda!
This will be gifted, I have someone in mind but just in case
they read my blog I'll not mention the name.

You might remember I reduced the block size so mine
is 60" x 75", at the limit of my capabilities at the moment.

The pieces are a great size so it goes together pretty quickly.
Below is one of my favourite squares 10" finished and
making up a part of the 15" finished block,

but my all time favourite fabric from this range is below

three yards are tucked away in my stash!
You  can see it's a large pattern, but glorious!!

In my last post showed a photo of the lovely poppy fabric from KF Collective,
a Philip Jacobs design, I love to see the fabrics from these three guys
in strips, two clean up cuts below

they play so well together, every time.

 Now, one of the blogs I read is by Maria Cook 
Maria works magic with indigo fabrics, beautiful rich and moody blues,
but one day she had few little pieces on her blog in cream/white. One of these
gems showed three little girls skipping and wow, I was back
with my friends all those years ago in Lancashire! Within a few minutes
of spotting this it was mine.

Here are the girls photographed on a piece of black felt.
Measuring 4" x 7.5", I'll mount it and have it framed.

Although we're now in Autumn here one of the pleasures of this season
is the view from where I sit at my machine

one of my early flowering camellias, it's always a joy to
look up and see this, a great way to rest the eyes.

It's link up today 
Linda and Julie
hope you'll stop by and visit them.


Leeanne said...

That's an impressive collection of lovely fabric stitched into a pretty quilt top.

Julie said...

I love that quilt,(no surprise with all that AMH) and yes I think I would have hoarded a lot of that fabric too.

audrey said...

I love this quilt! The colors and great mix of prints are very impressive. I'm such a fan of making fabric work for us even if {sometimes especially if} the design is quite simple. Great job with this!

Debbie said...

Colorful and so pretty quilt top was given the perfect name....I love it! You have such a fabulous garden with a wonderful collection of blooms. Thanks for sharing them.

Louise said...

Gorgeous fabrics! The heart shaped leaves in that one make me happy! What is it about those color combos that is so appealing? I'm so glad you found a pattern that lets those big prints sparkle and shine.

Barb Neiwert said...

So fun to work with such vibrant fabrics. I like your fussy cutting for the small squares (like the parrot).

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A woderful combination of colour & prints! Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

Kaja said...

Lovely, Maureen. I like the way some bits stand out and other fabrics melt into each other; it makes it very effective. I've been admiring Maria's little pieces too; they are very evocative.

Janie said...

Congratulations on your quilt top finish.The fabrics tell a rich story.
And the piece by Maria is sweet, and it's yours now!
Thanks for sharing your camellia photo, it's lovely.

Kate said...

Love the quilt! Perfect name! Happy stitching this week.