Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, June 2, 2018

June already

June began at our place with a beautifully sunny day,
today just the opposite, cold and windy.

I've been working on my Plus One quilt, progress as of yesterday below

and so far my favourite character is
the owl below.

I've strayed a little from the original quilt, which sparked my
interest in making one just the same, I'm fussy cutting
for the creatures in the 6" blocks.
The same procedure for the two 3" pieces either side of the rows,
 but here I've done a reverse fussy cut.

This morning I'm onto the squirrels and they're a different
fussy cut setting again, they'll be parading about
in the next post.

Winter is now with us and I realised early yesterday morning that
the oak tree in the next door garden was looking pretty bare,

but I do still have a few flowers in the garden, this vireya was
soaking up the sun and celebrating 1st June yesterday,

colourwise it's a pretty good match with the pinks in the
Plus One quilt.

The China Doll trees have huge long seed pods now,
they provided a good breakfast for this guy

and I wish I could have moved closer too him but he was off too quickly.

Back to the squirrels now but I'm heading off to 
make the link up with
Linda at kokaquilts
for Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE
hope to see you there.

Oh, before I go, I guess by now everyone knows
about the problem we're all having with blogger, no email
notification of comments, I'll still try and get a response out to any commenters,
but it may take me a little longer.

Enjoy the weekend and happy quilting until next time.


Julierose said...

Love your plus--and I ALWAYS stray from patterns hahaha
By the way--try writing a comment on your posting and then checking "notify me of email replies" and the comments will go to your mail...it worked for me...
hugs, Julierose

Sally Trude said...

I am loving the row by row reveal...and yes, I'm also loving the quilt.

Nancy J said...

Wow, the plus's are fabulous. Yes, the moon showed clear the past few nights, but just too cold to go outside with the camera.

Janie said...

Your Plus One quilt is looking good, the fabric is exciting.
And squirrels in the next row?
We're in spring and have sun and rain back and forth.
Stay warm!

Quiltdivajulie said...

If you post the first comment yourself and click the box to notify of any followup comments, subsequent comments will show up in youe email (although not in the regular reply-to format). Credit for this workaround goes to Dianne! Thanks for all the colors this morning. I'd be curious to know the dimensions you are using for your plus one blocks.

Julie said...

You must have some serious TP yardage to do all that fussy cutting. Vireyas are quite wonderful at providing a splash of colour in the garden .

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Amazing fabric for this plus quilt! Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

Kaja said...

I love that owl! The colours in this quilt are the perfect antidote to the onset of winter.

Louise said...

Your fabric is even more bright and vibrant than your seed-eating visitor! It's hard to wrap my head around your winter beginning when we're just starting to get into the hottest, most humid weather here.
louise dot hornor at gmail

Ann said...

That Tula Pink fabric is a delight. Love the way you're fussy cutting it. Have fun!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Behind on my blog reading but I am so happy to see this post. This quilt is going to be amazing!

Raewyn said...

I like how you're changing this to suit yourself and your fabric Maureen...how could you not fussy cut with those cute critters there! Yes it sure feels like winter now with all this gloomy rain :-(

audrey said...

I think my comment disappeared so I'll try again! I loved having your quilt pop up on my Bloglovin' page the other day! Such lovely fabrics. I hate the new reply to comment issue--it's driving me beserk!