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Friday, January 17, 2020

This and That

Not a wildly exciting post I'm afraid due to
a gastric bug which laid me low for a while.
Luckily I was good for my grand-daughter's wedding on the
11th of this month - a super, super day!

I have all the pieces for my friend's quilt up on the wall,
tweaking is definitely needed and I feel
as if I lost my way as I reached the bottom

but I can play around some more during the week
Most of the diamonds are made up of two pyramids using
two different fabrics but with some with just the one

I've been using my electric GO to cut squares ready
for my Colourwash, the ones going through the machine
first up are from a 6" pack. The machine does have a little noise
during operation but the fact that it cuts with really
not much effort is a bonus.

The garden is very dry at the moment but the nasturtiums
are enjoying the heat

and I picked a few to brighten up the kitchen bench.

Back during the next week, hopefully with more to show!

Happy Quilting



Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your stomach bug, not much fun. But your granddaughter’s wedding was lovely, that’s great. Your quilt is looking lovely, I wouldn’t tweak it any more it lovely as it is. Sew it up and send it to your friend, she’ll love it.

Kaja said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your granddaughter's wedding. The quilt looks lovely to me too, though I'm sure I'll also love it if you tweak. The nasturtiums bring a memory of my childhood- there was a bit of ground at the end of our garden in Auckland that was completely overgrown with them.

Nancy J said...

Your diamond quilt is beautiful, those edge fabrics perfect for the colours. Orange flowers, they are bright and cheery.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I am sure you will figure out the tweeking. Take a break from looking at it and do something else and then, pow, it will hit you and you can finish.

audrey said...

It is hard to find proper focus when working with scrappy colors some times. Your quilt is well on its way to a good top! So glad you were able to be out and about for your grand daughter. Good times.:)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love nasturtiums. I need to plant some next summer.

I'm glad you got the electric cutter so there is no strain at all in cutting.

Ann said...

Best wishes to your granddaughter. How wonderful that you could attend. I know you will work the diamond issues out with a bit of tweaking.

Janie said...

I bet your Go machine saves a lot of time.
And good progress on your arranging.
A wedding in the family, lovely, as are your nasturtiums. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Louise said...

I think the diamonds are looking quite good! Great contrast between the darks and the lights, and the border spot fabric also works well with all the darks. I'm so glad your GD's wedding was so fun! Always lovely to share such an important day with loved ones :)

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I hope you're feeling better after your bug. Your quilt looks great! The colors are so rich. I really like it. Congrats to your granddaughter!

Raewyn said...

I"m sorry to hear you've not been well but I do hope you're on top of it now. How lovely to have a family wedding :-) Your diamonds are looking good. Sometimes I spend such a long time tweaking and I feel that I'm just going around and around in circles- hope you stopped tweaking before you got to that stage!