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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Slow going - BB1 and Guild sale

Time has been limited for working with BB1. I had the centre piece but struggled with working on the style of border suggested by Audrey, other quilters taking part obviously didn't because they are producing  exciting pieces. I freely admit I'm finding this way of working a little difficult.

First border was needed, suggestions of two or more fabrics could be used, applique on said border relating to the centre design. I tried auditioning going with two different fabrics but similar colour scheme, no good.

My centre applique piece is quite formal in style and square, possibly the problem is within so re-thinking was needed, and I came up with this, corners  then a border. No applique you will notice!

The fabric is from the Vintage KF Collective range - Lichen, I'm really happy with this now and
actually would love to leave this piece just as it is, hand quilting and bind it!

My tardiness with BB has been due in part to sorting through older fabrics and books for my Suitcase Sale at our Quilt Guild this coming Saturday. Each month one member may have one or two trestle tables to lay out fabrics, books or any other quilting related product which they would like to sell. I definitely need two tables.

Books - 71

Fabrics - take a guess

Batik quarters, half yards and yardage, same with cotton fabrics. "Pot Luck"  bags with assortments of less than quarters and odd shaped pieces, bags of scraps and more. The green cardboard boxes have had to be taped up to stop the bottom giving way. 

The clear rectangular boxes are 20" x 12" and a depth of 6", I have three all ready and two more to pack.
A sort through of my Hoffmans has not happened due to time restraints, same with my solids. The large blue sack hold the remaining contents of the original huge black sack holding my mixed pieces, after spending hours on the sorting I decided that was the end, I had used up my energy and stuffed the remaining pieces/strips altogether. Smaller boxes of notions are still in the sewing room. 

Thankfully in the midst of all the sorting out I received a package of - yes, you've guessed - more new KF fabric, three colourways of Philip Jacob's Garden Party design. above. A  few more new designs came along for the ride.

NO KF Collective fabrics are in my sale, no chance, they are not leaving my little quilting studio.

Apologies for a not very exciting post today, things will be better next week when I have recovered!!



Karen said...

I love what you did to the BB piece with the triangles!

Cathy said...

I can see why you would want to leave that BB piece as is!

I think what you are selling is more than what is in my sewing room!

And I love those new fabrics.

Julierose said...

i think your BB1 is simply lovely, Maureen--I really struggled with trying to follow Audrey's suggestions, too. I ended up going my own way...seems to be a theme with me...
You have done a lot of sorting--that is really difficult both physically and emotionally--at least for me it has been--
I still need to cull my stash...I have 3 bags ready for donations
[Heartsprings charity] tomorrow...
Some clothing too...at this age there is just so much I will be able to even use up...or wear out...
hugs Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

If you are happy with BB1 the way it is, then I would call it a success and finish it up. You HAVE done a lot of culling and sorting - whew! I hope it all sells so you don't have to bring any of it home again (and I am not surprised at all that the KF fabrics are staying at your house).

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Since you have so many other things you would like to make, I think finishing the center block/first border just as it is might be the right way to go. The border fabric is perfect with the appliqued center.

Wow, you have a lot of fabric to sell. I hope you do well with your sale and sell all of it. That has to be a good feeling to make space in your studio for the things you really love.

Robin said...

Wish I was in your quilt guild and could take advantage of your sale. Wow! Your Bramble Blooms looks perfect because it looks like you. I love how you arranged all these bright pieces to make such a unique and fascinating piece and it is delightful in it's framed border. I don't blame you for wanting to stop now and complete what you have already made.

Janie said...

Hi Maureen, I think your post is very exciting! I'm inspired by your organizing for the suitcase sale, what a great idea.
And I like what you've decided with your BB1, beautiful.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Your BB piece is gorgeous! I love everything about it. I don't think it needed any applique in the border. I feel it would take away from your applique flowers. You're selling some great fabric! I wish I lived closer! Haha! Although, I don't need more fabric. You know how that goes!

MissPat said...

When people started talking about Audrey's challenge, I took a look at the directions and quickly decided it wasn't for me, even though it sounded intriguing. But improv is hard for me and I don't do applique well, so I'm just watching what others are doing. That being said, it is improv and I think you can do pretty much whatever you want to do.
I love your new Philip Jacobs fabrics. I need to start downsizing my stash, too. I have way more than I will ever use.

Katie said...

I love how your bordered your applique. If the Quilt Police come for you about this, it looks like you've got quite a few of us to help you with bail money. (Is that paid in fat quarters maybe?)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love love love what you have so far with your BB. This reflects your style beautifully, you do you I say! A bit late in commenting, we've been away in Brisbane catching up with family.