Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The best laid plans can sometimes go wrong!

Following on from my last post I decided to sew together the remaining two panels in my scrappy bargello style quilt ready for folding and slicing. I then reviewed the measurements needed once again and realised that I had miscalculated - I need another 6" on each long side! So I now need to work out what I am going to do here.

I thought of a narrow strip all around the quilt in either a very dark
or very light then a half panel i.e. using 3 squares instead of 6. Alternatively I could still use a narrow
 border strip, then sew 6" strips in long panels on either side. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

My next good idea was to pull a few weeds out of one of the garden beds, I was out there about one hour - noticed the ongoing tendon problem in my right wrist starting to play up a bit - never mind just down some pain relief and carry on a while longer.

Good idea yesterday morning was to hand quilt around the centre squares of the nine patch blocks in my light Kaffe Fasset quilt which I showed in my last posting.  Don't know why I did this really as I hadn't hand quilted for ages because of very painful hand problems.
Well, managed about twelve squares and the pain really kicked in.
The tendonitis had flared up with a vengeance!

That was the end of the quilting.

You can see the results on the right.

With my thumb immobile and my wrist prevented from bending with the metal in the splint I am reduced to sorting through a box of scraps which I had intended to cut up into tumblers and 1 and 1/4" wide strips. I think I could do this if I hold the rotary cutter very carefully. I will also have a rummage through my clean-up cuts.                                        

You will notice here that I have not managed to align these two pictures, one above and one to the right - more practice needed.

Good Friday tomorrow for us in NZ, hoping for a quiet Easter and catching up with family.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and will leave you with a shot of our local beach, hopefully we will find some time to have a walk down there over the holiday. More of my ramblings early next week.


crazyquilter said...

Ouch! Tendinitis, I don't like the sound of that.

Nancy J said...

Take care Maureen, rest is sometimes the only answer. I hopped to you from Linda at Razze Dazzle. Lovely photos, maybe the wrist support can be left out next time, with hope it isn't needed. Cheers from Jean

imquilternity said...

Oh... so sorry to hear about your tendonitus flaring up. What a drag! It's kinda the same thing with my shoulder. I'm constantly aware of what I can and cannot (and should not) do in order to keep it from aching. It looks like you've got a great scrap pile... would love to see them all poured out of the floor so I could see exactly what you've got! :)) Happy Easter.