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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sewing Works in Progress (Not!!)

Had my day planned and ready to go at 8.00am - water two large garden beds - done, laundry - done,  tidy living room - done, work on scrappy bargello - not done, make more blue 16 patch blocks - not done, blog - now doing. Just had lunch and can get down to business. I got caught up this morning with  paperwork and a telephone call from a friend who has had another week in hospital, three general anaesthetics in six weeks due to deep seated wound infection following surgery, she had been discharged yesterday evening and wanted someone to talk to, that was a one hour chat so I was rapidly getting behind with things. I am collecting two of our grandchildren from school at 3.00pm so I have 90 minutes of sewing time left before walking along the road to meet them.  I will be busy giving them chocolate chip hot cross buns out of the freezer (left over from Easter) preparing the evening meal and hanging out with them until around 5.30pm. Husband is going to watch our eldest grandson play in his  basketball game. Don't think any sewing will get done!

Tomorrow I should have a clear day all to myself, fingers crossed, and I can sew to my hearts' content. I really would like to finish the other half of my bargello, the last six strips are  pinned on the wall and when those are together I can stitch three panels so then the quilt will be in two halves ready to baste and quilt.

I also had started on a blue 16 patch just to use up blue scraps as I have a stack of blues, a few are thrown up on the wall but I have a lot more to put together yet. 

As we have now hit Autumn here I am putting feed out for the birds, I just threw some on the concrete this morning and the doves were the first on the scene 

I just love these Malaysian doves, in the middle of Winter I have had about 50 at one time waiting for me to feed them, that's in addition to all the other birds hanging around.  Someone else who likes to watch the birds is Daisy our 15 year old cat, they don't mind her one bit she can sit about four feet away from them and they carry on feeding quite happily, she never attempts to harm them at all.


Looking at this shot I must add clearing weeds to my list of "to do" items.

Gotta go - time for my sewing and I think just a few minutes to make a pot of tea!
See you soon

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Those doves are lovely. We don't get those in Taupo.
Your cat is a bit like ours - just window shopping