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Monday, June 24, 2013

New York Blooms - another angle

Well I have been playing around again today with my four blocks posted yesterday, tried with the "blooms" all towards the centre - didn't work, tried them horizontally that didn't look good either but vertically I love them! A couple of shots here - one just the blocks and the other with a folded piece of the subway fabric just pinned alongside, I plan to use that to surround them.

So some progress made today, certainly from my point of view. The finished piece won't look so long and skinny when I have finished working on the borders.

I have lots and lots of pieces still from Helen and our Scrap Swap over on 15 Minutes Play so should get really good borders from those.

Have to redo my design wall the flannel is way overdue for replacing and I may try some of the grey gridded fabric which I have seen advertised in the States.

Hoping to start on a quilt tomorrow for my daughter, her birthday is the end of August I have the pieces all cut just need to get it together and probably send it out to be quilted. Will post as it all comes together. 

Have a lovely week.

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