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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still wet and windy!!

Well we're still having the bad weather here in NZ. Wet and windy here in Auckland but the snow down in the South Island is something else!!

I took a photo of the oak tree next door the other day just as the storms here were starting up, we had a double rainbow at one point but I only managed a shot of the single one.

You can see by the colour of the sky a hint of what was to follow!

After my last post with the two small blocks from the Scrap Swap, in which I said I wasn't happy with them, I had encouragement from Wanda and decided that I should persevere, so two more finished and I had only intended to make four and then add sashing/borders, so here is an up to date photo

Not sure if this is the way they will be set, will have a play around tomorrow.

We have just arrived back home from a birthday party for our eldest grand-daughter Beatrice, she turned fourteen yesterday, it seems only a short time since she was a toddler! Our eight week old youngest grandson was there and he is growing quickly too.

Short post tonight, very cold evening and we're going to settle down with a hot drink and watch TV - we have a few more episodes of House to watch from the last series (8) - very addictive programme and I just love Hugh Laurie in this.

Sewing time planned for tomorrow, probably work on the New York Blooms, and start  Quilt As You Go on my bright bargello style quilt, I think I can handle this sewn in two halves and then add the borders and quilt those. 

Have a great week!

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Exuberant Color said...

I would like to see it with all of the 'flowers' touching in the center with the background print surrounding them, and any other arrangements that you can show. I like the blocks.