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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014

First off I had four blue cats, then I had six more last time I posted but I  never had them all sitting together!
Here they are

Now some of you may have visited The Objects of Design where Sally T and her accomplice Tommy
seem to have enticed two of my cats along to see her cranes - not so - as you can see my two are still here, it seems we are dealing with two sets of identical twins! A first perhaps in the feline world and a delight to see. I wonder if any other "cats of a different colour" will hop along to visit Sally and Tommy during the coming months!

I had high hopes of showing my blue 16 patch quilt-in-progress but as no progress has been made there is not much point!

Linking up now with Super Scrappy to join all those other scrappers!
Looking forward to our next colour
Happy Quilting

1 comment:

Sally T said...

Hmmmm....two of the cats on the left hand side look suspiciously fatter than the others... : )