Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scrappy Blue Saturday - multiplying cats

Well, I had four blue cats last week - they have now multiplied

With a few more up on the wall you can see  they can be made to face either left or right,  it's not as boring when they begin to be mixed up and the effect will be great as we start to add our new colours month by month - wonder what the colour for next month will be.
There was a fantastic post from Sally T @ The Objects Of Design about her swans and my cats - go and have a look see.

We have one more week from the "the blue month" and I pondered about the wisdom of trying to make something more in blue very quickly this week maybe a mug-rug something along those lines, but in sorting through my project boxes I came across a number of 16 patch blocks from way back, some put together and the others cut out all ready to go  - obvious choice to crash on and get a few more made in-between the other commitments!!!!

I figure I could probably put enough blocks together in the time left to give me a lap quilt.

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  1. Love your blue kitties--neat pattern...hugs, Julierose

  2. Love your herd (or gang?) of cats - and just visited the flock of blue swans as well. Good luck also with your found blue 9-patches!

  3. The cats sitting cheek to cheek are adorable. And its wonderful how well that cat pattern works with large prints...but wait...I think I'll count them again and see if any have gone missing...

  4. Your silly cats are multiplying like bunnies;-). Still so many beautiful fabrics to enjoy!

  5. Loving those puss cats. That one bottom left is stunning. Looks like it has a necklace on.


  6. Sweet! I love your the zigzag fabric


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