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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Delight and Disaster!

First off - Delight
I mentioned a few posts back that I had won a prize over with Sharon at Fabrics and Flowers for the final link up on Midnight At The Oasis (still not finished mine), a fat quarter pack of Tula Pink Whistling Acacia fabrics from the Fat Quarter Shop in pink. The package arrived two days ago and I love it!!

I had looked at the range on the shop web site and really liked it but having joined Fabriholics Anonymous I was very good (on this occasion) and passed on the purchase.
This soft coral in here is a delight and just look at the racoon - what a face!
The mail man made my day and I have been mulling over what to do with these.

Disaster Time
You may remember this:

Made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and some luscious hand dyes, bought here in New Zealand and washed by myself around three times to make sure there was no dye run. All OK. However, somehow a couple of fat quarters of these hand dyes must have gone in with my stash without having gone through the wash.
Fast forward to yesterday when I spent the whole day quilting Fractured or Catastrophy as I am now calling it. I had made a couple of guide marks on one of the blocks, a lovely peach with a rich red brown mottled hand dye - finished all the quilting

then realised the guide marks were showing a little so off to get a little special soap and water to remove, remember this was on the peach - shown above. All came off beautifully and I laid the quilt over my rack ready to bind today.  Fast forward to mid morning  today and head to the machine, pick the quilt up to check the marks hadn't reappeared - they had not - but the dye had run into two pieces of the peach.

This photo just doesn't do the level of dye run justice! It looks much worse "in real life".

Can't remove the colour, tried and tried.  This quilt was meant to be in an exhibition starting Friday next now this can't happen and even if I found a way of fixing the problem it can't be sold because I don't quite know how many small pieces of unwashed fabrics are in there. Upside is I get to keep it but just can't wash it!

Hard lesson to learn about being extra vigilant with hand dyes, and I usually am. I was in tears this morning.
Ah well, tomorrow is another day folks and I hope you are all enjoying your week.


Fibre frenzi said...

Oh no......what a disaster!!

ms lottie said...

Bugger, bugger, bugger. So disappointing for you :( It's an awesome block design and looks fab.

I think you should wash it now, when you've finished the quilting, even though you are going to keep it for yourself, so that you won't worry about trying to keep it clean. Use a high water level in your washer and a whole packet of those colour catcher sheets you can get in big supermarkets (New World, not Pak n'Save!). Then dry it fast, don't leave it hanging damp. That's the times I've had colour runs, even from fabrics that have been washed, when things stay damp for a while.

Barb in Mi said...

Crossing my fingers that your next wash as suggested in comment above will work out fine! Unfortunately have no tips & tricks for bleeding dye - but probably would email and ask Vicky Welsh: Maybe she can help with all her fabric dyeing experience?
It is still an absolute fabulous quilt!!!

Sarah said...

Oh no Maureen I feel your pain! It's a good idea to wash it now as you are keeping it so you stop worrying about it. I hope it turns out ok because it is gorgeous!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh wow Maureen!!! Catastrophe is the perfect name for that quilt!!! I can feel the horror you must have felt - what a SHAME!!! I'm betting you will find a way to get those stains out and keep it yourself. Maybe it was just meant to be yours? It is certainly lovely :)

Shelley said...

So sorry this happened! At least there is a bright side - that you get to keep the quilt. But I understand tears and frustration after all the work you've put into it :( Lucky you with the new FQ bundle! I've had those fabrics in an online cart for weeks but haven't pulled the trigger!

Beth in MN said...

Oh Maureen!! I so feel your pain. Hopefully a bunch of color catchers will take care of any more bleeding the next time you have to wash it. What a great quilt.
A huge hug ---