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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super Scrappy Cats - RSC 2014

Time to show a pic of my ten pink kitties - I only finished these yesterday evening as we had one of those weeks explained below.
Long story short - daughter tooth extraction last Monday, problems: one root of tooth has pierced sinus cavity major repair to cover the cavity hole - not enough gum to cut and use as flap, solution cut into cheek and a bit of muscle! Next problem - they hit a bleeder!!!! Major panics and rushes from here to city arrangements for her ex husband to move in and manage two teenagers and daughter came home with us mouth packed to glory and instructions that if there was an arterial bleed to take to emergency or get an ambulance. 
Poor girl, she was terrified. So a week of me up and down every 20 mins or so with cold drinks, cold soups, ice packs for hugely swollen and bruised left side of face. Two nights later we had an ambulance visit then three hours observation in emergency  -I could go on! Sally went home Friday and we are making sure she takes it easy and taking cooked food etc.

OK  so lovely to sit at my machine yesterday and play with fabrics and the pinks really cheered me!

Yes, one of my kitties has both ears going "backwards" one slightly cross cat! It's not a mistake I did it intentionally, I like doing things a little differently sometimes, adds a bit of interest.

I realised I have lots of pinky/peach strips cut, and whilst not strictly scraps I think I will make a small quilt out of them before the pink month draws to a close - providing we have no more dramas!

Linking now with Superscrappy and everyone else who is taking part in the challenge - go visit!

Finishing with one of my favourite flowers - not all pink but a little bit in there

See you next time


Sally T said...

What an intense week you had! I think you're due for a good long peaceful patch. And I love your cranky cat. Gives new meaning to the term "super scrappy."

Julierose said...

Man, what a week! I love your kitty with the "creative" ears. My kitty, Schumee used to cross her eyes and
lay her ears back when somone she didn't know entered our home...cats are amazing--as are yours! hugs, Julierose

Sheila said...

What a scare! Oh my. I hope your dear daughter gets well soon.
LOVE you pink kittens : )

Ann Brooks said...

Best wishes for your daughter's recovery after all these problems. Cute kittens and cute story, too. The flower photo is so entrancing.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh those kitties are so cute. I don't mind the slightly cross one.After the week you've had its a miracle they're not all cross!


ms lottie said...

Yikes, hope everything settles down for you. I like the cross kitty too - makes you look twice, which is a good thing in my humble opinion! Took your advice and joined SAQA too, just waiting for my acceptance email (seems a bit long in coming, might have to get back to them)

Fibre frenzi said...

Oh gosh.....what a nightmare for you all. Whoever said that family life was easy????!!!! Get well soon wishes to your daughter x

Cathy Tomm said...

Great pink cats. I love that one is not like the others. The tooth troubles sound really bad, sorry, hope she gets better.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I just love your kitties! I love the ears on the "cross" kitty! Such fun! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Cathy said...

Your cats are the cutest. I just know I'm eventually going to have to make some myself. We have a lot of barn cats and a lot of them have ears like your cross one!

Hope daughter is doing better.

scraphappy said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth trials. Sounds truly terrifying. Love the kitty with attitude. Funny how that one little ear gives him so much personality.