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Sunday, June 22, 2014

HSTeria and Accuquilt

Thank goodness for Accuquilt!!!
I have lost track of the number of triangles - half square - cut on this machine in order to make my Ocean Waves quilt, I am so pleased I decided to buy one.

This week has really only been spent playing around with colours  and trying to decide how to grade down towards the bottom of the piece so sadly no more finished blocks to show.  I was asked by a fellow blogger last week whether I sewed two HSTs together then placed them or placed individually - the latter,  which means I can blend from one colour to another even though time taken is an issue.

I have a series of trays and try and use one for each colour, they start off life all neat and tidy, well reasonably neat and tidy as on the trays on the left, but usually end up after an hour or two in the state of the one below right! So when I need just one piece to fit in I start rummaging through

 During the week the pieces on the tray and board on the left were cut plus a blue tray and another teal/turquoise tray to join the ones I was already working with, reason for this was that I had forgotten a new basket of batiks from a few weeks ago which  hadn't  been "filed"  away in their new colour homes! Lesson learnt there.

Linking up now with Vicki hosting our HST Quilt Along
and back to sewing blocks ready for the next link up.


sophie said...

I am right there with you. For the first month of the Rainbow Scraps Challenge, a couple years ago, I cut the triangles in my broken dishes (star variation) with a ruler/rotary cutter ... then used that quilt as an excuse to buy a Go Baby. Last night I cut 680 yellow triangles and I was so glad to have a die cutter to do it.

Sally T said...

Secrets revealed! Now we know why your quilt is so exquisite. And are you sure there isn't a cat hiding in that pile of triangles?

Julierose said...

I just love your idea to use trays for similar/coordinating colors for this quilt! I think I'll have to steal that one--I am totally smitten with this quilt and I have a value die--but it is a small square, 1/2 square triangle and larger square...I like that idea of using fabric to cut three shapes for future projects. You are so creative!! Hugs, Julierose