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Monday, June 16, 2014

HSTeria Quilt Along - next instalment

Lots more half square triangles cut, lots of fabrics to put away in baskets and lots more to sort for scrap drawers but only three further blocks to show for it all, and one in progress. Go along and visit Vicki and friends to see more HSTeria!

Today is very wet and gloomy not good light  for photographing fabric, but a few weeks ago I bought an Ottlite Task Lamp which is a reasonable height and moveable, I do have a small one with the flip up lid  but it's no good for lighting up a wide area. This is the first time I have used the floor light to take a photo - it's worked out pretty well I think although the blues at the bottom have a slightly psychedelic look to them, they're not so vivid as this.

We are now into Winter in NZ and it is pretty cold today, the garden beds are wet and soggy with everything drooping all over the place. Misty mornings quite often which I love, the one below was last week

back to the sewing machine, I still have to sew yellow cats ready to post tomorrow so I need to get busy. 


imquilternity said...

Wow! It's really coming along quite nicely. It's going to be such a lovely, lovely quilt when finished. I can see, though, that it's a lot of work.

I'm with you... I love those cold, misty mornings when everything is fresh and each day feels like a new beginning. They are perfect days for spending time in the sewing room being creative. Have fun!

Good Earth Quilting said...

Hello there, wow, winter, I love this HSTerial quilt!@

Sally T said...

The gradations of color are amazing. How are you doing this? Are you making one HST at a time or do you have a pile of HSTs you're selecting from?

It's very hot here so its very cooling to here about mist!

Sally T said...
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