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Saturday, July 5, 2014

HSTeria 5 July

Three more blocks of the puzzle in place

Still a WIP on the wall and only a few blocks sewn together on the top left hand side, I need to leave the other blocks just loose on the wall until I have decided where to go with colour. Will be linking up with Vicki and the gang shortly - please go visit!

Haven't done anywhere near as much quilting as I had intended due to the painting of the laundry and bathroom, which is a shame as it has been the perfect weather this week for shutting myself off and just getting the machine going. Rain most every day, thunder storms with quite a number of houses badly damaged with lightning strikes, the lawn areas in the garden are just a bog! Alternating showers and sunny spots so far today and we went along to watch our eldest grand-daughter horse riding,  lovely display for end of term  a synchronised performance to music by Cold Play - great!

Totally different tack now - fruit - I love fresh fruit apart from one in particular which I adore looking at  purely because of the colours

Water Melon
one of the most delicious fruits going with it's beautiful red flesh surrounded by creamy white and the patterned green skin. I have about a yard of water melon fabric bought years ago when fruit and veg  fabrics became all the rage but I'm still thinking what to do with it! Our youngest granddaughter loves water melon and I have seen her sit at the table with a huge plate of melon wedges in front of her, juice dripping down her chin in seventh heaven.

Red cat afternoon now for me and should be posting those in a day or so.

Don't forget to click on the link with Vicki above and I do hope you're all having a lovely 4th July!


imquilternity said...

That would be me too, with the watermelon!! Absolutely love it!

Your quilt top is looking great, Maureen. It's really going to be a beautiful quilt. Stunning, really. It will be fun to see it in it's finished state.

Helen said...

Your quilt is mesmerizing. I could look at all the jewel colors forever!

Terri said...

Your colors are amazing, yummy.
Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

Sharon said...

Wow! Your triangle quilt us wonderful. Great use of all the colors, it is a neat effect

Charlotte Scott said...

I'm even more in love than ever with your quilt.

And as for watermelon, have you seen this cute pattern?