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Saturday, July 19, 2014

HSTeria - almost at the finish line!

Yes almost finished,  just one half of a square to place and sew today ready for showing fully next week.
I didn't post last week due to family issues, dental visits and more but the main reason was that I just sort of "hit the wall" with designing and colour choice for this quilt, I just couldn't move forward with it at all and had to walk away for a few days to recharge the batteries, this has never happened to me before but yesterday I felt energised once more and worked on three more blocks, I see now after cropping that the one on the left needs some adjustment so it's out with the seam ripper later!

I have piles of six inch strips of fabrics all over my cutting table, sewing table and eight trays of triangles cut in every colour imaginable!

What a mammoth task it's going to be to sort into my scrap drawers at the end of the process.

I am thinking I will use my Accuquilt to cut strips and tumblers for future use from the leftovers.

Normally I would link up with Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber but due to the continuing Internet problems she is having at the moment the link possibly won't be up until Sunday, I will edit once her HST post is available.

Have a good weekend


Julierose said...

these last few blocks look terrific...it is really hard to finish up sometimes...hugs, Julierose

Charlotte Scott said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week or so. Hope it calms down for you.
Walking away is a great technique - processing time! They are looking fabulous even if you need a little adjustment.

Sally T said...

Each block is its own work of art. I can hardly wait to see them all together. And walking away from the quilt is much better than my strategy of starting a new one!

elle said...

These are fantastic!

Sarah said...

Again such fabulous colours. I really like this layout also, it makes me want to do triangles. Do you use a special ruler?