Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cold, wet and windy - perfect quilting weather

Yes it's definitely good weather for being indoors surrounded by thread and fabric
and getting busy on the machine.
I'm still playing catch-up with my teapots and just about finished
up six green stars for this month, I'll post to RSC2015 on Saturday coming,
the last one for greens.

So caught up with a blue teapot

and I rectified the error with the sizing of the top spot fabric on my
green teapot which was posted here, the proportions are now correct.

I am about to wrestle with the H block quilt this week, I need to use
the floor in the lounge to baste this and I'm thinking Wednesday would be good, husband out all day
so I can crawl about the floor in peace!

In the meantime I have been pulling fabrics for a quilt for our
grand-daughter who's 10yrs and loves pinks, yet to decide which to keep and which
to put back in the basket, her favourite is the pink Guinea Flower
which she spotted in my stash a few weeks ago

and a few spotty fabrics

I've not decided yet on a pattern but favouring something strippy perhaps.
I was hunting in my stash for the china blue spot but I must have used it in a previous

Back to the drawing board until Saturday post.


Sally T said...

Your teapots are terrific--love the blue floral base. Am really looking forward to seeing this come together. Meanwhile, I'm looking for the secret cat portal to your studio so I can sneak over and steal some of your stash.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love your teapots... the Kaffe spots are really making a great background! And the soft pastels & spots look lovely, all sitting there ready & waiting for the next project!

Leeanne said...

All looking good, I like the teapot. Happy basting and quilting!

Julierose said...

Just adorable teapots you've got going! Nice fabric pull for your GD's quilt to be...I like the spots with the flowers a lot....hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

Still giggling at Sally T's comment about the secret cat door - what a lucious pile of pinks!!

Which book has the teapot pattern?

Charlotte Scott said...

It's FREEZING here tonight in the 'winter less' north. Perfect for going to bed with a hit pack and reading gorgeous blogs, like yours!

Charlotte Scott said...

That would be hot pack, although a hit pack sounds interesting too!

Kat Scott said...

Love the look of the teapots.... can't wait to see them all together! Would love to know where you found the pattern as well.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

LOVE that fabric pull!! I have some similar Kaffe colors that I've been stashing with hopes for a new quilt this summer.