Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunset, Stars and Stitching

Sunset a few evenings ago

Six green stars - sadly showing on the dull side

I was going to try and re-photograph this morning but it's wet and grey again so
I stayed with these. The answer would be to move one of my design boards into
the living room when we have these dull winter days, only snag is they're pretty unwieldy
to move around.

Stitching - basting my H quilt

using the method demonstrated by Sharon Schamber using the boards. I had seen this
ages ago but then I had an email following my last post asking if
I was aware of the video on You Tube and that jogged my memory! Thank you Sherrill.
Now my quilt is considerably larger than the pieces of fabric
used in the demo so it took me slightly longer
to set myself up, the main reason for this was that my cutting table
is 80" long and the only option for following her method, my printer had to
be moved off plus my mini set of drawers holding sewing and quilting cottons,  a stack
of fabric pieces waiting to be sorted into scrap drawers, my container with bits and pieces
of sewing necessities.

You can guess where I'm going here - I had to make room for these items
elsewhere  - my large sewing table where I was set up for sewing strips as a break from basting.
I then realised in order for the basted section of quilt to drop down neatly onto
the floor I had to move a set of six cubbies butting up to the table!!

I need a serious rethink in here!

After all that I do think it's a great way of basting, especially when you have
really bad spinal issues, I just couldn't have done this on the floor.
My stitching is not as close nor as neat as that by Sharon but after all the
re-organisation I really didn't care.

Linking up with the last green Saturday for RSC 2015 here
June will be light blues going into blue greens.

Can you believe that we will be into June tomorrow??????


  1. Six green stars had me humming "ten green bottles" for some strange reason! It's good you have found another way to thread baste your quilts up off that floor. Not good for the back.

  2. Oh dear, there's no easy answer! Basting on the floor isn't good, but having to have a total re-organisation like you did sounds quite complicated/frustrating too? I use curved safety pins but still scramble around down on the floor! I did once bast a quilt up on a huge table at a class, now that was wonderful! Glad you got it finished!

  3. I have the same problem with taking photos here in wet Wales!
    I have recently bought myself a collapsible light reflector which helps.
    I like the greens.

  4. Love your stars in those beautiful Kaffe prints! I have a few of those fabrics, so I know how truly bright and gorgeous they are :*) I've often thought I need to try Sharon's method - you encourage me to put it on my To Do list to try.

  5. I have a quilt to I will look up your recommendation. Although I am still a fan of pin basting on a table. And as always, I love the stars and would love to see them mix with some of the earlier colors.

  6. I can empathize with your back issues while basting! I set up my huge sweater blocking board on my dining room table and let the sides drop--as it is no where big enough--but it works ok--and i pin baste....your stars are very pretty...hugs, Julierose

  7. Dull? No way are those stars dull! I'll have to look at the video. I still pin baste on the floor. Ugggh...and I usually make big quilts so it takes awhile.

  8. I can just imagine how bright those stars really are. I recognize some of the prints from my own stash! Basting a quilt has to be the least fun part of the process. Especially when it involves reorganizing a whole room!

  9. Wonderful stars. Love the material.

  10. Reorganizing is so much work, but it does pay off at the end. Hang in there and just keep basting!

  11. Your green stars look great, not dull, more deep and rich. I laughed at how you had to move everything to baste. I tried they method once but I discovered my plank had a curve in it so it wouldn't roll properly. Maybe I should try again one day.

  12. Your star blocks are beautiful! LOVE those prints.
    I still pin baste on the floor, but I cam see my days of doing this are numbered as I get older.

  13. Hi Maureen,

    I'm only reading this after reading your post for today. What a lot of arranging!!! I baste on my dining room table, but need to plan for bigger quilts. I'm getting more ambitious! Love the stars!

  14. Hi Maureen,

    I'm only reading this after reading your post for today. What a lot of arranging!!! I baste on my dining room table, but need to plan for bigger quilts. I'm getting more ambitious! Love the stars!


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