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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seeing squares!

First up if you read my last post when I mentioned I didn't have good light for photographing as 
we were having a grey day in Auckland - this is 

the beach a minute or two from our place!
Come Summer it's all blue skies, hot sun and lovely aqua sea!

Hooray, I finished basting my H quilt and will certainly use the board method
again, my poor fingers couldn't take basting it all in one go
so I took my time over two days, all while trying to configure my studio!

I have been cutting out the quilt for my grand-daughter and wouldn't you know
that I didn't have a 6" finished square die for my Accuquilt so I've been cutting
168 squares with the ruler and cutter, luckily I do have the correct
size triangle die.

start of the cutting session

practice size for triangles
Important call re fabric
below is a small snippet of a very old Kaffe Fassett fabric, can't
rememher what it was called or when I bought it but this tiny piece is all I have
left and I've been desperately searching online to see if any
stores by any remote chance have a little left tucked away in a store room.

mystery fabric

If this rings a bell with any of you and perhaps you know where I may be
able to get a hold of some would you please, please email me. If you have any in your stash 
and would be willing to sell me a small amount  you
would make me very happy, I was hoping to put some of this in the
quilt I'm now cutting.

Here is one of the reasons I love Kaffe Collective fabrics, cut a strip 6 and 1/2" wide
cut into squares and you have six different looks!

Better get a hurry up with moving my table so I can get
sewing tomorrow! 


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I am wondering if you have tried google image search to find your fabric? Just a thought........

Julierose said...


ridgewood weaver said...

Hi Maureen,

I've been checking to see if you tried the boards for basting.........so happy you liked that method! Did you use a needle and thread or pins?

Love the view of your beach, even grey! I will send the fabric picture to my quilting friends to see if anyone has some of that fabric. Hope somebody has some. Is there a site like Ravelry for quilters?


Debra said...

Your fabric choices look great! I hate when I need a fabric and just can't find it. I did check a couple of my online sources that carry a lot of fabric, but, sorry, didn't see that one. Drat.

How do you baste with boards? This sounds somewhat familiar.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Guess what I found in my pastel fabric basket... a piece of the fabric you are after! It measures 23" x 12" would this be of use? Happy to post out to you, Linda

Leeanne said...

Lucky granddaughter. Sorry I can't help you with the fabric.

Ann said...

I'm glad to hear board basting worked for you. I used to baste on the floor but can't do that anymore. Lately I've been table basting but this method sounds like you could do it over several days. That would be nice.
Lovely fabrics, as usual.