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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Harry Potter, Gypsy Wife and another peek at Kaleidoscope

Before you go further this post has quite a few photos, but I hope
you'll still read on!

Harry Potter - I never got into the books when they began to flood
the stores, lots of friends and our grandchildren were all fans and I had 
been thinking recently, well perhaps I should "join the club".
This morning a rave review in the weekend magazine  all about
the first of new illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books
caught my eye - sounded amazing, rang the book store and yes
they had one in - husband very kindly said he would buy this for me!
Ten minutes later we were in the door of the book shop and

came out with this!

Superb colour illustrations, guess what I'm going to be reading tonight.

splish splash stash

Gypsy Wife - I've been pulling fabrics and have a few examples below, some will be removed and some added in the final cut tomorrow.

Main Focus fabrics
Additional brights
Something a little quieter

More colour
 So I had all the above and then went to one of my Kaffe Collective
Scrap drawers, didn't choose just grabbed a couple of handfuls below

So my Gypsy Wife will be a mix of specifically chosen fabrics and
bits and pieces from my scraps.

We kick off on February 1st with
Section 1. Keep watching. 
Link to Gypsy Wife Quilt Along 2016 for lots of fun and games!

Oh and before I go I'm getting on with the Kaleidoscope ready for the link
on February 1st (busy, busy) started sewing the corners on some of the blocks.

Back in a couple of days.



Linda Swanekamp said...

What great fabrics! I don't know if I could sleep if I had such a collection!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Looking forward to your gypsy wife in all those Kaffe fabrics. It is going to be lovely!

Sally T said...

So much stimulation! I like the contrast in your kaleidoscope and the fabric is mouth watering. But most of all I'm hoping you enjoy Rowling's fantastic world as much as I did (do).

Leeanne said...

I never read the HP books, but my kids LOVED them! WE did watch all the movies too. Your Gypsy wife quilt will be a joyous punch of colour.

Kaja said...

Great fabric pulls! You could make a quilt with each one, so they are going to look amazing all in together. I read the first few HP books to my kids - thought they were good enough yarns but no better than lots of other stuff we read.

Ann said...

Showing your fabric pulls is so helpful (and inspiring.) Beautiful, as always.
I read all the HP books; my middle child was the right age when the first one came out so that was "his" series. Great memories.

Jo said...

Perfect fabric pull for Gypsy Wife. It will be fun to follow your progress for both projects. February is almost here!

Gina said...

I love your fabric pull for the Gypsy Wife. I can't wait to see your version. Enjoy the Harry Potter. I liked the first couple but to be honest I got bored of them and never bothered reading the last two xx

hydeeannsews said...

i've been a harry potter fan for ages, even though i was an adult when it came out. i hope you enjoy it! the illustrated version is very nice.

i'm glad you're on board for the gypsy wife qal! if you're like me, the fabrics will evolve as you work through the quilt and those bits and scraps will come in handy. looks like you're off to a colorful start!

gayle said...

Welcome to Harry Potter! I, my stepmom, my daughters, and my grandchildren are all fans. Happy reading.
I'm drooling over all your fabric choices for Gypsy Wife - can't wait to see it in progress.
And I can see I'm going to need to wear a bib to catch the drool every time I visit from now on, between GW and your kaleidoscopes. Probably need a big roll of paper towels, too...

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Love these colors and so loving your block success.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

GW avec Kaffe... a colourful combination!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Love al your fabric pulls. So many great prints.