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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stars on Saturday and Organisation

I should have Stars on Sunday as we're late afternoon presently
in New Zealand. It's always difficult to time a post just after Angela has
held the Link-up.

Three stars this week because I've been busy basting the quilt
for my grand-daughter and developed a tendon issue again
so it's been a case of basting for 15 mins at a time then resting the offending hand - which doesn't
actually get you very far!

one more light blue star

then on to  dark stars

the next one is a good example of working when extremely tired and sore

and below we have it with pieces correctly placed

that will be all my sewing for today - a new day tomorrow.

Plans for this week include beginning the quilting for afore mentioned
basted quilt, choosing fabric for and sewing another house block -
I'm thinking I may make a 16 block wall quilt rather than a full sized quilt with the houses.
Also project planning needs to be cleared up.

I would be interested to know how many of you out there have your computer separate
from your quilting studio. I have a very small room and struggle for space, I am overflowing
with stacked bins full of projects, scraps, strips etc. I have two machines, one
set in a cabinet for sewing and one in a largish table for quilting, I have stacked cubbies
holding yardage of my KF fabrics plus a closet minus doors
which holds my wire mesh baskets - with yet more fabric.
 I've been thinking
how workable it would be to move out my computer and printer but then
I figure I could be running from one room to another checking photos of
works in progress and settings which will probably become increasingly
annoying and  then involve time and effort in moving
it back again, also where is the best place for my blog reading and
creating. Any suggestions welcomed.

I'm off to link up now with all the super projects at
Oh Scrap!

Have a happy week


Edith said...

Your start are lovely. I have my computer in a room (my office) just off of my sewing room, and take a little break every now and then to blog etc.

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous stars!! Sorry to hear about your tendon issues again :-( I have my computer in 'My Palace'... generally it works well as I do what you do, have got into the habit of referring to 'the world' for measurements, insights etc.... but it does take up room! Have thought of making my printer wireless and setting it up elsewhere, that would give me more room.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

My computer has never been in my studio. Right now I am using a laptop so it is on the dining room table right now but is usually in the guest bedroom at the other end of the house from my studio. Since I'm trying to get in more steps on a regular basis I don't mind the walk to get to it. The printer is also in the guest bedroom.

Leeanne said...

I hope these tendon issues come right for you. I have a laptop & printer sitting on a desk in my long arm studio, I find it very helpful to have them there for reference if a customer has asked for a specific type of quilting they have seen on my blog or FB, also for quick FB posts and printing off invoices.

Pip said...

My computer is separate from my workroom, I do have an ipad in my workroom which I use for emails, FB, IG, take photos, check blogs, tutorials etc I also listen to podcasts and music on it. Love your Kaffe Fassett stars, gorgeous blues.

Lisa said...

My laptop has it's home in a 1920's writing desk beside my sewing table. I can tuck it in the drawer (when I'm feeling tidy) or open the desk and have it out when I want to use it.

With your difficulty basting, have you thought of taking your quilt to a longarm quilter and having them baste it for you. They are quickly able to put in big running stitches which pull out super easy, and your quilt will be beautifully flat.

Kaja said...

Oh, I hope your hand problems don't persist. Your blue stars are, as always, lovely. I don't have a computer where I sew. If I want photos to check what I'm doing I use my phone or a little point and shoot and just look at them on their screens. Also I like not being tempted to look at blogs etc when I'm sewing!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Just love the stars! So rich and sparkly!

scraphappy said...

Love the flower centers of those blocks. I have a laptop that I keep out of the sewing room. I can still carry it back if I need an image or pattern, but I use it for lots of other things too, so having it handy is a real benefit. Good luck with your space issue. I have also taken over the laundry room for fabric storage, and sometimes the formal living room or family room for laying out finished tops. Not the whole house though, that would be too much.

Julierose said...

My computer and printer are in/near our back tv room and not in my very small quilt/crafting room....Actually, the only use of the computer for me is to post and to search for quilt pix online or fabric buying; I don'y have any quilt programs so, this works for me....I LOVE your Blue Star! they are all lovely, but especially that fussy cut morning glory...hugs, Julierose

MontyBear said...

My computer is in another room. I find that it makes me get up and move. Your stars are beautiful.

gayle said...

Your stars are beautiful - even the ones with no sense of direction! 8)
My computer is at home and my studio is down the road 1/4 of a mile, so sewing and computer are definitely separate! Not very convenient, I'll admit...

Sharon T said...

Love your stars! My iPad is constantly at my side. It contains my patterns, music, and pictures. I would say that it has almost, but not quite, replaced my computer (a desktop on another level in my home).

Linda said...

What pretty stars. Gorgeous fabrics and colours. If you use an iPad in your sewing room you could move your computer elsewhere.

Angie said...

Yummy stars - so much inspiration! My computer is not located in my sewing room - mostly for lack of room. However, I have a tablet and my main computer is a laptop, so I can move computer access to my sewing room any time I need to. I like keeping the laptop in another room though, as it forces me to take breaks, change position, get up and walk around, etc.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I too have my computer in another room so I use my phone or tablet when I am sewing. Love your stars...even the not so perfect version :)

Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear about tendon issue. Those fussy cut centers are the wow factor in those stars.

I have a laptop on my dining room table. I don't have a TV, radio, computer, etc. in my sewing room. I like the sounds of silence plus the sounds of nature outside while I sew.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love the collection of blues in your stars! The blocks are beautiful!

Sally T said...

Love your stars...even the positive/negative space one. My computer is in a separate room. I can get too distracted on the computer so I try to separate the activities too. I tend to use the computer in the morning and evening, and sew in between.

LA Paylor said...

the computer is in another room. No extra space in the studio!

PaulaB quilts said...

The stars are beautiful. My best move was getting rid of my aging computer taking up space and now I have a real studio/bedroom. The secret is my iPad, which does everything but print and my SIL kindly does what little I need. I take lots of pics in progress and screen shots of ideas, and it's my constant companion. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lovely collection of blue stars! I share my little sewing room with the computer too. I've just loaded up all my favourite CD's into my new computer & love listening while I sew!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Lovely star start. Of course I love anything Kaffe.

Ellen said...

Your stars are so pretty! I have a laptop that I normally keep in the kitchen. If I need it for a quilting related activity I will take it to my sewing room.

Stephie said...

Maureen these are just gorgeous! I hope your tendon's feeling rested though... I know tendonitis can be so painful :(

I don't have a studio/sewing room, or a study! I work at a table in the kitchen/dining room (dedicated to my sewing stuff though) and I have a traditional kitchen dresser where I keep books and fabrics, and a side table where I have couple of plastic tubs and baskets for fabric too. I have a broken sewing machine under the table and work on my hand cranked Singer which I have on the side table! It's not ideal, but it'll do :D As for a computer, I love my lap top and I take it all over the place (kitchen table, writing bureau, table in my bedroom, bed...Starbucks!!) ! I've recently acquired an iPhone too, which is perfect for work in progress photos - and adding them instantly to Instagram! My advice: go mobile with the technology!

Quiltdivajulie said...

My primary computer (a Mac) is downstairs in the sun room (where I blog and manage my photos plus family matters). In my studio, we took the doors off the closet and set up a table in the space where the clothes would have hung (had the space been used as a bedroom). That nook is where I did the primary work to write the book - it is close enough if I need to check online for something while stitching, but easy enough to avoid so I don't get easily pulled away from sewing. I also use my iPad and phone for mobility. There is no perfect solution - just the process of finding what works the most efficiently for you.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thanks so much - sorry I can't reply directly as you are showing as a no reply-comment blogger.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thankyou for taking time to respond to my query - I do have an iPad and need to make more use of it! Sorry but you are showing as no reply-comment so couldn't reply directly to you.

Mystic Quilter said...

Computer on the move this weekend!!