Sunday, February 21, 2016

A taste of Autumn

Third week of brown for RSC 2016 and all I have
to show are two small stars!
I have fabrics gathered together for four and
the other two I'll sew this week  ready to post next Saturday.

 My collection of brown fabrics is minimal, as I have mentioned before,
but after having a scrounge around I found bits here and there.

Didn't get as much sewing done this week as I would have liked, the
front bed in the garden needed a little attention but arthritis limits
the time spent, one hour is the maximum and you don't get
a heck of lot done in that time. I'm going to head out there after this post
and put in another hour then back in to read the blogs for
this morning.

Check in HERE to see what's going on
over at RSC 2016.

See you during the week.



  1. Love those butterflies. And maybe the brown is helping prepare for autumn? I personally am ready to see a thousand shades of green.

  2. Lovely stars you've created...I empathize with you on old "arthur-itis"--I took down my Big Shot paper cutter and dies from their storage resting place this afternoon and am aching from that reaching and stretching...but i got a page done today....hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful browns with the contrast fabric. They stand out so well.

  4. And those two stars are awesome for someone who thought they had very little brown!

    (I know about arthritis too!)

  5. Such lovely brown fabrics. We're waiting for the arrival of spring. The weather has been crazy - almost -40 Celsius with wind chill last Saturday and +12 today! Blowing snow last Friday and rain yesterday. I can't believe this weather!

  6. You may have only made two blocks but they do look great!

  7. Ahhhh...the Browns in your lively stars are brilliant!!

  8. I'm just as challenged with brown. Your stars look great though.

  9. Maybe not much to show, but certainly worth the showing. I love both those rich looking blocks!
    And yeah, arthritis is not our friend...

  10. Those brown fabrics you found are gorgeous, love the leaves. They are by no means plain brown. Just taking a resting break from the sewing, also. Just when you finally get time to do stuff you want, the old body won't let you. Chin up, we will carry on!

  11. You've made brown look great with your star blocks. I try to tell myself if I could squeeze in an hour of weeding a day it wouId make a big difference. I can only do it in short bursts too other my back plays up. Good on you for spending time , your reward will be a lovely garden to enjoy.

  12. I'm finding I don't have a lot in brown scraps too. Tans, yes, but not the deeper browns. I'm also just now getting back into the RSC. And catching up on blogs!

  13. Wish you could come dig in my stash, I have LOTS of brown! I love brown. The brown stars are perfect!


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