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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sewing in a Sauna …...

The title of my post says it all - once again an extremely
hot and humid day and trying to sew with hand and arms
sticking to fabric and machine table, in fact any surface, is not fun!!

I managed a few more Kaleidoscope blocks

and I'm thinking of five across and five down
so it  will end up around 60" square.

I'm hoping to cover this squared flannel design wall with
plain coloured flannelette same as my smaller
portable wall, difficult to get these squares squared, if you know
what I mean.

Gypsy Wife - not as far on as I had hoped, but all fabrics were chosen
a few more added now and a few taken away. This morning
I've been straightening up the fabrics and cutting strips.

The towel/quilt stand is ideal for keeping strips organised, main fabrics back rail,
extra brights will be on the middle and the very lights at the front, so easy to
 locate each strip and they're kept nice tidy, in theory anyway.

After straightening I have plenty more clean up cuts to add
to one of my designated bins, this one still has room left in there but
the other two are packed solid!

Back to my stripping - fabric wise - and
 Section 1 of Gypsy Wife will be all done ready for the link-up,
possibly even Section 2.


  1. I like the towel rack idea! Roll on autumn!

  2. Lovely idea on the towel stand, and too hot here for much at all.

  3. Love your kaleidoscope blocks! Your sauna sounds miserable. Would be happy to send you some of our deep freeze temps.

  4. Your kaleidoscope blocks are just full of colorful fun! I love them!
    I've been tossing strips over a railing that separates the kitchen from my work area - like the quilt rack but only one row. And not portable at all... 8)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Gypsy Wife!

  5. You are in the exact opposite weather pattern from us! Amazing....Your Kal's are coming so well--and congrats on starting your gypsy Wife--i am still searching for a good pattern for Cassidy's going away to college quilt. i want to enjoy making it as well as choose one she'll like....hugs, Julierose

  6. Very interesting kaleidoscope blocks...each is so unique and different and combined they are fantastic. Meanwhile, I'm sending you cool thoughts.

  7. Wish I could send you some of our cooler temps.....I would love some warmer ones. Your towel rack idea is wonderful.....such a great thing.

  8. Beautiful kaleidoscopes -- and yes, preparation takes a long time but what a pretty looking rack you'll have while you work!

  9. Your kaleidoscopes are so interesting with the stripe wedges and common corners. I had no idea this design could become so different. Can't wait to see more.

  10. Looking very colourful! Amazing how scrappy they look too, considering it's an 'all- one- collection' bundle!

  11. Sewing in a sauna sounds pretty ghastly, so I'm impressed you're doing anything at all. Your kaleidoscopes are working very well.

  12. what pretty pictures you chose. I love the picture of the towel stand with colorful strips... now put some kind of quilty saying on it and make a poster!

  13. I know what you mean about the sauna feeling. Especially when there's lots of pressing to be done. I love your kaliedescope blocks! They're full of pizazz!

  14. Great blocks! Such a versatile pattern the kaleidoscope, makes me want to make another one.

    1. Thanks so much, yes Kaleidoscope is fascinating! Sorry I can't reply directly as you are showing as a noreply-comment blogger.

  15. I totally love your colorful strips and the progress you are making on your quilt, but you aren't getting one ounce of sympathy from me regarding how hot it is. Her in northern New Jersey it was MINUS five when I left for work on Saturday. Even the drain in the shower froze!

    1. Happy to hear you like my strips in kaleidoscope. Don't envy you the weather, especially the frozen shower drain. I can't reply from my inbox as you are showing as a no reply-comment blogger, sorry.

  16. really neat kaleidoscopes! Reminds me of a spider web too. great color combinations.

  17. i hope it's cooling down there! your towel bar idea is a good one to keep track of the strips.

    and that kaleidoscope quilt is looking awesome!

  18. I love your colorful kaleidoscopes! Gotta go check out the Gypsy challenge...


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