Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kaleidoscopes - almost halfway there

It was time I had all the kaleidoscopes made so far up on the wall.
There is quite a way to go until  there are enough for
the size quilt I have in mind but I needed to check out colours as well
as numbers.

OK, I see there are enough mostly medium range colours, plus the odd dark one,  I now
need to focus on light and bright and some with more contrast in there, and probably sew a few
more dark and rich blocks and them mix them up!

Corners won't be added until I have all the kaleidoscopes up on my large wall.
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  1. I've been looking forward to seeing the collection. And I agree with you about the light, bright and contrast...which seems a bit odd given how voluptuous it looks.

  2. I love your kaleidoscopes! So much gorgeous color in them. And fun to play with, too!

  3. Good to see these en masse. The colours so far are sumptuous and the whole thing feels sort of dark and exotic so I'll be interested to see how it evolves as you add in the next round of blocks.

  4. Great work. What pattern are you using?

    1. Just the two strips together, mine are 3.5" cut width. Janie you are showing as a no reply-comment blogger so I can only respond to you here, sorry.

  5. Beautiful mysterious K' how they all spin together...hugs, Julierose

  6. I love the wonderful mix of fabrics you've used in these blocks!

  7. Great to see them all together, looking very colourful!

  8. Beautiful! I love your color selections so far and am curious to see how the over all look and feel shifts as you add the lighter/brighter fabrics. I have so much to learn about color and value and it fascinates me to read about how other people think about these things.

  9. Oh, I think it's a gorgeous mix right now! Wondering if your corners will all be different or the same? Corners will change things up a bit too.

  10. Your kaleidoscope is progressing wonderfully, bravo! Have a great week-end!


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