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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AHIQ #31 - the start of a utility quilt

Whilst many may not think of this quilt I'm making as
a utility quilt, if I go off some of the descriptions I've read I'm
thinking it is.

One I read:
'a functional quilt that usually contains a simple pattern'
'a quilt that was made to be used daily knowing
that someday it would be used up'

sadly I'm not sure where these came from originally but I had them written down
on my little studio notice board.

 My Anna Maria Horner fabrics arrived

and I had printed out a free pattern ( Rainbow Blur) from Free Spirit using
these Sweet  Dreams fabrics, two blocks, one just a large square the
other a mix of different sized squares.

The pattern called for the block size to be 18 and 1/2" - a little on the
large size for me, I just want this to be a cover up quilt for keeping us
warm in the winter months, not worried if it needs washing
every week, kids and cats welcome to use it!

I sized the block down to 15 and 1/2", four blocks across and
five down.

Looking at this now, had it been my own design and improv it
would have met the Scale Challenge - four different sized squares!
I'm still cutting the pieces and they're living in their own plastic bags
marked A through to X, 24 lovely fabrics and there will be enough left
to make something smaller afterwards.

As we're now into Autumn I was happy to see two of my early
flowering camellias blooming yesterday

this bottom one was a pure dark pink originally and now most of the blooms
are opening streaked here and there with white.

Back to my machine now to sew more strips for the Frog quilt
and sew more on Rainbow Blur - I think it may be quite
Linking up now with 
Kaja and Ann
who host AHIQ
why not visit and see who's meeting the scale challenge
and who's on utility!



Debbie said...

I like your scaled down version. And love those new fabrics.Should be great!

Cathy said...

Oh, yes!! I'd definitely want to use that quilt every day! But I wouldn't want to use it up.

Ann said...

Rainbow Blur will show off the fabric so well. Great choice for a utility quilt - simple design, beautiful fabrics you want to use daily. Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

Barb Neiwert said...

Gotta love those fabrics and know that the quilt will be used to death! I had to do a double take when you talked about autumn approaching - we're just trying to get rid of winter around here, lol!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I guess I never really looked at the Anna Maria Horner fabrics, maybe because they are not stocked around here. I will definitely look for them. I use my Bargello Heart quilt every night and I don't care if it wears out, the quilty goodness wears into me!

Raewyn said...

Always exciting to be starting a new project Maureen. I always say all of my quilts are made to be used but I'm not sure if that is true.... some I can really see being used and thrashed and others just sit around looking pretty!

Kaja said...

I like those definitions a lot, and your emerging take on a utility quilt too.

audrey said...

This will be so interesting to see develop! I think many of get caught up in the idea that utility involves simple fabric and yours looks very yummy to be inserted into a 'utility' quilt!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I create almost all my quilts to be USED so that seems to make them utility quilts. But there's nothing that says they can't also be beautiful or colorful or interesting. Happy stitching on your new project.

Louise said...

Beautiful AMH fabrics, and I really like the pattern. Thanks for the name of that one, I've just downloaded it for future use. That's the very best kind of "utility" quilt--one made with gorgeous fabrics that you can use and enjoy every day!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Yes, yummy fabrics! And I like the pattern too, great for showcasing those prints. Happy Easter!

Julie said...

Oh my, isn't that fabric beautiful, as yet I haven't added any of her new range to my stash. Beautiful camellia. Have a wonderful Easter.

Janie said...

Hi Maureen! Good to see your fabric and design choices, lovely.
Camellias are blooming around here, reds, pinks and white for spring.
And yes, Happy Easter!