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Monday, March 12, 2018

No sewing - just stashing

Decided it was time to tidy up a few 
containers of large fabric pieces over 1.5 metres and ended
up realising that I had far more than I thought!

I have two containers filled with older stash, like these below

then I have two more with Kaffe Collective fabrics -just one shown.

All this re-shuffling was to free up a basket for these
Tula Pink All Stars with her Pom Poms and Tent Stripe,
I already have a quilt marked out.

Below are her solids, if I've posted these before then apologies.

This overload of colour reminded me that I'd intended
to show you you a teapot my daughter gave me for my

I don't use it, I have it on the bench for eye candy!!

On the subject of colour I'm posting two flower photos,
one is of a favourite rose coming towards the end of flowering

the other is a flower of the palest kind
but with the most delicious Summer scent
which fills the air in the evening,
we know it here as
Queen of the Night.

Happy Quilting



Leeanne said...

A wonderful colour infused stash! Where did you get your Tula Pink All Stars from? That teapot is wonderful........my roses are only just pushing a few more blooms out before the cooler weather.

Linda Bishop said...

Your fabric is lush! That teapot so cute! Flowers lovely too. My Mother used to have Queen of the Night in her garden. Heavenly scent.

Everything at your house beautiful!

Nancy J said...

those fabrics look luscious!!!

Raewyn said...

YOu have been busy - and what a colourful stashyou ohave! And what a fun teapot - far too pretty to use, perfect eye candy :-)

Linda Swanekamp said...

Great colors! Getting those organized together so you can have ideas germinating in your head. I can't even imagine a rose growing outside today. More snow forecasted for tomorrow night. 9 days to spring, but doesn't feel like it.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

wonderful idea to group your stash by designer. Looking forward to seeing what comes of your ideas.

Barb Neiwert said...

Color makes the world go round! Love your teapot :)

Linda said...

What delicious fabrics, they made my mouth water! Your teapot is beautiful, such lovely colours and patterns, reminded me of Amy Butler fabrics.

Julie said...

What a lovely colourful post. Have you used the tea pot? I think I have a Queen of the Night growing over a fence from my neighbour's garden, now I know where the lovely scent is coming from.

Sally Trude said...

Your teapot is awesome. I recently unpacked a box of books and found a large stash of Kaffe fabrics. A very nice surprise.

Julierose said...

Beautiful teapot...and colorful stash...
that rose is lovely, we are in for another (our 3rd in 2 weeks) snow event...battening down the hatches here....hugs, Julierose

O'Quilts said...

The teapot is wonderful...I love that you are still able to work in the garden..I am too wobbly for that...Enjoy your beautiful Tula fabrics. xo

Louise said...

I am never disappointed by the photos of your fabric, and now of your teapots!! So much lush, outrageous color :) We have a plant here called Sweet Olive that has very small, rather plain flowers but an exquisite scent. I wonder if they are related?

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A very pretty teapot! (I'm a collector of teapots... just don't know where they will all go now in the new house!)

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, gorgeous color, we have a cold grey day here.
That's a good idea to organize and tidy up, I think I'll get started on that!

gayle said...

Oh, that teapot is the perfect companion to your lusciously colorful stash!
I'm off now to investigate Queen of the Night, which I'm not familiar with. I do love smelly flowers!

Quiltdivajulie said...

SO much eye candy --- and that teapot -- SWOON. Your daughter has exquisite taste!

Kaja said...

What a gorgeous teapot! And how clever of your daughter to find something that matches your stash so well. :-)

Marie said...

Your fabrics are divine, and that teapot...well! What can I say? GORGEOUS!