Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A very cold Saturday, de-stashing and Improv

I've just come back home after selling
excess books and fabrics at our monthly
Guild meeting.
It's very cold and grey outside but the
wonderful sunrise gave me a good start.

I've been really busy the past two weeks carrying out some
de-stashing of fabrics for my sale and the same with my books,
very little actual quilting has been going on.

Some of you might recall the start of an improv medallion
with AdHocImprovQuilters early 2017, I came to a
stop with the central portion and couldn't decide
on where to go next.

Due to the formation of a dedicated blog - please see the
button right hand sidebar and do go visit - it was suggested invited contributors
give an update on improv quilts made earlier.
My update was pretty sparse, just this unfinished piece
and my Chinese Coins.
I was stirred into action to work again on this piece following
a comment - a nice one.

Next round of borders going on, churn dash blocks re-purposed from my
parts box, I rejected these from an earlier quilt. Of course you can see 
I left the odd few threads in there - too much of hurry to
get this post off.

A finish with a lovely wee flower from my
back garden border, I believe it's some sort of creeping geranium,
do I love the colour!!

I'll be back during the week after some serious



Nancy J said...

Love the flower, is it a Pelargonium? Clearing out and cleaning up, all good projects, and easier in winter when it is wet and cold outside. Those blocks at the bottom of the quilt fit in so well.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Yes!!! Just what the medallion needed.

Linda said...

So pleased you are managing to sew again. Lovely to see the progression of your quilt - an excellent idea to make a border from those Parts Dept churn dash blocks. Perfect choice.

Kaja said...

Ooh yes, Maureen, those Churn Dash blocks look spot on!

Linda Bishop said...

De stashing. Well done you. A friend of our has recently joined the Auckland Guild. She is a Canadian, her name is Terri. If you bump into her say “hi”.
Golly I wonder if you de stashed any Kaffe? I’m feeling envious at the thought.
I have that purple flower in my garden too. I picked up the plants in the bargain bin at the Warehouse . They have grown like crazy and make a great show every summer. Bless the people at the Warehouse who don’t know how to look after plants. I have picked up quite a few goodies from the bargain bin.

Julierose said...

Hi Maureen--Glad to hear you are able to do some sewing again. ;)))
I go to pick up my machine this coming Monday--thank heavens--machine-less is not a good state (just ask my hubby!!) .
I need to seriously de-stash as I am seriously overloaded with fabrics and books...
But it is hard to part with any of them I think...
Liking how your medallion is coming along...
hugs, Julierose

O'Quilts said...

Maureen....Brave you into the destashing..OMG 50 years of fabric collecting and I can part with nary a piece...Oh, I can give it away or share it...but not destash...I just love all my fabric. I am glad you are feeling better and back sewing...xo

Ann said...

I like the Churn Dash blocks added to your medallion. And love the flowers. Lucky you; such a talented gardener. There always seems to be something blooming in your garden.
Tell more about your destash, please. Is it something you do at your guild monthly or once a year? Or a "side job" you're doing out of the trunk of your car? We need places and ideas of how to sell stuff.

Louise said...

The churn dashes look great here! They make such an interesting pattern when placed side by side like that, with the points touching :)

Sally Trude said...

Is that a Johnson's blue geranium...in any case...quite beautiful, both in its sweet shape and color.

Julie said...

Those churn dash blocks look as though they were made for that quilt. Wonder if I need to look at your destash..... how many quilt books and how much fabric is too much!!