Waiting In The Wings

Monday, February 11, 2019

Unconventional and Unexpected & multiplying quilt ladders

Remember the photo in my last post
of the new quilt ladder, five quilt tops waiting to be quilted displayed.
Now there are two ladders

and ten quilt tops!!
Bit of shock to see them all hanging there, but I could work my way
steadily through them.

I had forgotten my large quilt ladder

with two more!

Okay, only twelve - oops,  I had also missed the ones hanging on
a wooden towel stand - another five - by this time I couldn't face taking
another photograph of any more unquilted tops, nor the three basted and
ready to go under the needle!!

A little time was spent playing with more blocks for
the UANDUQAL (short version), as well as taking care of dear husband (actually 
quite a lot of time)
who, for reasons unknown had once more developed swelling in one
elbow the size of an orange! Visit to doc who thought just bursitis even though
last time this happened he ended up a day later on IV antibiotics.

Guess what, same procedure. By the next day he had developed cellulitis almost down to
his wrist, and yes you guessed it again,  over the next three days daily IV
infusions to knock the infection on the head. followed by oral antibiotics.
Presently he's on another visit to check if the infection has gone into the bone,  my
fingers are firmly crossed on this one.

Onto lighter matters - playtime with blocks below.

Excuse the wonky photography.
These blocks are not placed as they will be when all 20 are completed,
it's just easier to have them on the wall to help me work out fabric choices
for the remaining 11 blocks.

That's it from me for today but here's a lovely little rose 
surviving pretty well in the heat we're experiencing here. She just developed 
black spot on her leaves, as I don't spray with chemicals it's too bad!

Have a great week and happy quilting.



Nancy J said...

Love those ladders, maybe I need to ask Hugh to make me one or Three!! Beautiful blocks, and a rose, down here everything is struggling in the continuing heat.

Leeanne said...

I adore the ladders. I'd say you can say you have a collection of quilt tops for sure! Don't they look pretty.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Loving all your u&u Kaffe blocks, the colours are so pretty! And your cluster of quilt tops certainly do look wonderful, you've been very productive!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

...oops, Kaffe & AMH fabrics!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love seeing all of the quilt tops on the ladders. That is the fun part, making the tops.

Clare M said...

Fabulous quilt tops and your block are so vibrant. Hope your DH comes through without the bone infection. Praying here for you both. 😊

Pip said...

Both the ladders look great, and they are hiding that pesky cord now. Cellulitis is no fun, hope your husband is better soon.

Julierose said...

Lovely quilt ladders--amazing to see all your works hanging...very pretty.
so sorry to hear of your hubby's problem--hope he's better soon...take care hugs, Julierose

Debbie said...

Wonderful collection of ladders, and the most amazing tops! I was trying to pick a favorite but that is not possible. Sure hope the husband's elbow heals quickly with no further problem. What a scary thing to happen twice.

Quiltdivajulie said...

What joy to see those waiting tops out and on display -- they're GLORIOUS! And if they get quilted, all the better, but in the meantime you can enjoy them and their colors just the way they are! Best thoughts for your husband -- our son's therapist deals with cellulitis and it is NOT something to joke about. He lost nearly 4 months of work last year because of it. Hugs to all of you!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

If I had nice ladders like yours to display my quilt tops I be tempted to never finish them as the look so good on the ladders. Who would know they weren't done. I'm terrible at actually finishing my quilts so usually send them out to a longarm quilter when I can. It just gets a little expensive. Hope your husband is better.

audrey said...

What a fantastic way to enjoy your quilt tops! I bet it also helps motivate you to get working on a few of them too! So gorgeous to see your quilt tops displayed like this!

Sue said...

Love all those tops Maureen. Even though they are not finished quilts, they make a beautiful display. Good luck with the DH's medical problem.

Louise said...

Your quilts are lovely at every stage of completion! Don't let them weigh on you, just enjoy being able to see all the colors and patterns spreading light into your rooms. I'm holding a positive thought for your poor husband. An inflamed elbow sounds painful!

Julie said...

Quilts and quilt tops look so lovely hanging on ladders. Hope your hubby recovers with no more complications.

Linda Swanekamp said...

You are making me want quilt ladders instead of hanging tops to be quilted in a closet. I love your blocks more than any of the other quilt for inspiration. They are unexpected in the lattice and color placement. Love them. The rose is really nice on a freezing rain and snow day here.

Good Earth Quilting said...

I have been told my hubby is going to make me a couple quilt ladders. Yours are an ongoing inspiration!!

O'Quilts said...

lovely ladder UFOs....Hope hubby gets better soon...Your work inspires me xox