Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, July 14, 2019

One of those weeks .........

Ever had a week where nothing seems to fall into place
on the quilting side of life??
Mine was last week!

First thing was after binding three quilts (one later in this post)
I had the great idea to play with solids, something I really don't do,
I decided to use the Crossroads block from
my dismal results are below, no reflection on the great instruction in
the book, just my me not concentrating. 

 They just were not me, my cutting of the curves
was way off too so I decided to revert to colourful pattered fabric.
Come in Tula Pink Zuma!

Bit of a disaster here too, top right, second row left and third
row right - didn't keep the blocks in the correct order, you can see what happened
compared to the remaining blocks.

Still not doing anything for me with the Zuma fabrics, I just don't want to
carry on making these but I'm not wasting the fabric, I'll make five more
blocks and have a large cushion.
Husband liked the solid blocks so with the addition of a dud
from mine he will have a large cushion as well.

On a happier note I delivered a quilt on Friday
to a long time friend of mine who is not at all well, she loves pastel colours
so this one

had been sent off to 
for quilting.

The rain spoiled any chance of taking a full photograph of the
finish but I took a couple indoors

you can see the beautiful quilting by Leeanne.

Measuring 77" x 84" it was a devil to bind, I used a lovely
soft blue Spot from KF.
The quilt now has a good home and D loved it.

Later that afternoon I received a beautiful
display of flowers from her, here being inspected by

That's all from me right now, I'm spending some time trying to decide
which fabrics I may sell on at my fabric sale early August, I think
there may be a selection of solids and Zuma added to the mix!

Off to read your blog posts now and hope that all who are
in the path of this huge storm, fires or earthquakes in the USA
keep safe!



Julierose said...

Just a gorgeous pastel quilt...enchanting.....;)))

I have trouble with solids--I cannot leave them to stand alone without using some kind of prints...hope you are feeling well hugs, Julierose

Debbie said...

That pastel quilt is beautiful and of course she loved it. Your bouquet is so sweet....enjoy it.
I see what you mean about the lattice blocks I am making.....yes, much better than your trial blocks here. And believe me, solids are not your things either....lol. We know and love you for your colorful style and sense of putting wonderful prints together. So I will tell you what I spent the weekend telling myself.....stick to what you are good at!

Barb Neiwert said...

The lyrics from an old Kenny Rogers song came to mind when I read your post. It goes like this:
"You got to know when to hold 'em,
Know when to fold 'em,
Know when to walk away,
And know when to run."
If you just weren't feeling that block, walking away was the right thing to do, lol! I do love the pastel quilt, and so sweet your friends sent flowers as her way of thanks.

Marly said...

Lovely pastel quilt! But I like your solid crossroads blocks too; they just need a lot of friends! You've given me a prompt to add more to my collection that I started making couple of years ago. For some reason they've been boxed for more than a year. Time they saw the light of day!

Janie said...

Your pastel quilt just shines! What a treasure to send a friend.
Leila knows when something is good, smart cat.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I fooled around with solids in the early 80s. And got it out of my system. I think what you worked on will spark other ideas. No creative work is ever wasted.

Nancy J said...

Ditto to Barb's words. I, too, have some blocks that have been donated, given, or just plain sent to the scrap heap. Lovely quilt with a KF binding, and beautiful flowers, a perfect thank you.

Leeanne said...

I guess solids are not your thing, and that's ok. Lovely binding choice. Always a pleasure to quilt your beautifully made quilts. :-)

carol said...

Hi there, looking at your pastels quilt and my question is "how do you keep it square". I am assuming it has been built log cabin style and any hints would be appreciated. Love your work.

carol said...

Hi there, looking at your pastels quilt and my question is "how do you keep it square". I am assuming it has been built log cabin style and any hints would be appreciated. Love your work.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Some of the blocks in CFQ have not "worked" for me either - not the designer's fault, they just aren't "me" and since you are not feeling the love for Crossroads, that one is not "you."

The pastel quilt however is beyond gorgeous!!

Ann said...

I had trouble making the crossroads too curved and too narrow but finally worked through it. Keeping the fabrics in order is crucial. It's tough to keep them straight.
How kind to make that lovely quilt for your friend. Of course she sent you flowers. You are the flower queen IMO.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

It's so nice to see such a gorgeous Kaffe-in-pastel, I love it! Hmm-m- yes I have trouble adding in solids to my quilts, I'm sure popping in few solids is good for contrast, but I do find it tricky.

Kaja said...

I love the swirls and curves of the quilting enhancing your beautiful pastels - it's all so, so pretty. I never get very far with solids before I need to add in a print, so you are not alone.

audrey said...

I find working 100% with solids difficult too, but your blocks certainly aren't dismal! I find them very vibrant and striking! And I adore your printed blocks where the fabrics got mixed up. Bit of the 'Unexpected and Unconventional' thing going on there.:)

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I think we've all been there when things just don't go as planned or don't feel like 'us'. I don't use solids much either but after making a few all solid quilts I have decided that using way way more colors would make it more fun and interesting for me. I just need a lot going on in a quilt to hold my attention. I also don't think the Tula mix up was a bad thing. I like the added variety it gives the overall look.

Louise said...

I think you are way too hard on yourself about your curvy improv blocks. They look really good! And of course that pastel gift quilt is a stunning beauty. I'm sure your friend truly feels the warmth and love you stitched into it :)