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Friday, August 2, 2019

A finished top and reading on the agenda

Somehow it's now the 3rd August - how on earth did that happen!
I  have a brief post, lots going on around here and sorting
fabrics and books and odd bits and pieces for my sale
at the Guild meeting tomorrow.

Moss Garden now has borders and the binding fabric
arrived two day ago, I've pinned a wee piece
up against the border just so you get an idea.
I'm intending to have plain diagonal crosshatching, this I can
handle myself as the quilt isn't too large.

Come Monday the grey check design flannel is coming off the wall
and an off white plain flannel going on. It will be much
easier to place quilts without the  white lines distorting.

Closer view of the binding, it's a lovely combination
of green on purple, not a dark purple, I went with the original from the pattern.

So, not much at all on the quilting side but I do have three
new books. The first one is the Kaffe release,

all Medallion quilts. Some are variations on quilts
from his previous books using different colour combinations and settings.
The quilt on the cover appeals to me and I'm not really an
Autumn colour person.
Quite a few of the quilts are on the large side but I guess a border
could be left off on some of them as long as it doesn't spoil the look of the quilt.

Two other books have joined the stack by my chair, the one
below covers English style of interior design, it was on special
at a great price.

Soft colour, relaxing classic design and oh so different from
 this one below!

The colour combinations are glorious but I have to admit
that some are a little over the top even for me.
Great ideas for quilts!

It's shockingly cold and really wet here today and would be a perfect
day to sit and sew but that will have to wait until Monday.

The camellias are being battered by the weather but some of ours
are in sheltered spots, the one below for example

caught during a brief lull in the rain. I now see
that the snails have been feasting a little.

Enjoy your weekend and happy quilting until next time.



Nancy J said...

Love that binding that goes so well with the outside border.Kaffe, that looks like a wonderful book, maybe I can stretch to another late birthday gift to myself!! Good luck with all the sales.Frigid down here, but a friend in the far south at Naseby has it very cold!!

Julierose said...

What a lovely finish on this--loving that KF border fabric--nice work--that Bold book looks like a great read for color work...hugs, Julierose

Louise said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely! I love the border, so bright and bold. The cover of Perfect English looks like a soothing place to live. The red walls wouldn't work for me. I like my quilts bold bold bold, but prefer calm colors in my walls and furniture. It's hard to fold up a couch and put it away :)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love the jumble of textures and colors in this quilt!!

I haven't received my new Kaffe book yet, maybe another week and it will be here. I hope it is good.

Ann said...

A beautiful border fabric. I like the way you cut it, too. Good luck with your guild sale and enjoy the new books. I'm trying to wade through some I've purchased, too.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Do let me know how you like the new KF book - I have it on pre-order due to ship on August 20. Love your latest top ... so pretty.

O'Quilts said...

I so love this quilt...YOu did a wonderful job...It makes me happy to look at it !!! xo

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A great border for the 'nine patch' quilt, love it! Hope you had a good response for your trunk sale yesterday. And, I look forward to hearing how you like Kaffe's latest book.

Janie said...

Your quilt top is exciting and you've got good books to keep you inspired, way to go!
We woke up to coastal fog but it's blowing off now, summer time here.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

The quilt turned out beautifully! I love quilt books! I buy too many but I love having them. I sometimes just sit and look through them. I can't believe it's August either! Time goes by way too fast!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Love the color and texture in your quilt. I would never have considered that print for a border and it works wonderfully.

Kate said...

Moss Garden turned out beautifully! Hope it warms up a bit.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great border choice. And beautifully cut :)